Daily Lessons for Teaching Subculture, the Meaning of Style

Dick Hebdige
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction and Chapter 1)


In the Introduction and Chapter 1, Hebdige describes the general nature of subcultures as well as how they are different from the mass culture. This lesson will discuss common objects, such as safety pins and a tube of Vaseline and how their definitions change when in the hands of the mass culture as opposed to subcultures.


1) Class Discussion: Provide the students with a list of common objects. For each object, the students should verbally discuss how the object would be used in a particular subculture versus how it is used in the dominant culture. What "use" do you think the inventor had in mind when this object was produced? What are some examples of ways you have seen this utilized in the mass culture? Knowing what you do about the subcultures mentioned in the book, how have they been or could they be used in specific...

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