Subculture, the Meaning of Style Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dick Hebdige
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Introduction and Chapter 1

• Subcultures defy the norms of the dominant culture.
• In Hebdige's words, style is defined by the association between a sign and signifier within a subculture or the dominant culture.
• According to Hebdige, ideology is a subconscious notion that seeks to give definition through previously decided terminology.

Chapter 2

• Hebdige says the London heat wave of 1976 sparks the Punk movement.
• Those who participate in the Punk subculture practice an overstated rebellion of the dominant culture according to Hebdige.
• The Punk subculture is an amalgamation of elements from the Reggae subculture as well as others.

Chapter 3

• Reggae is developed from historical factors of black people, such as slavery and religion.
• Rastafarians express a total separation from others through embracing their African roots as well as their state of poverty.
• After being rejected by the whites of London, West Indian immigrants take on a natural lifestyle through their use...

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