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Basil Liddell Hart
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following was a widely-used tactic in William of Normandy's time?

2. How does the author characterize the France that develops under Napoleon?

3. Why did the Eastern Roman Empire lose territory to the Turks in 1068?

4. The author suggests that which of the following can easily become involved in grand strategy?

5. Constable du Guesclin's style was most influenced by which previous general?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the war between the Byzantines and the Vandals.

2. What was the overall strategy of Fabius in his war against Hannibal?

3. Describe the nature of the Wars of Spanish Succession. What kinds of strategies were used, and what was unique about these wars?

4. Why is the indirect method favorable over direct methods?

5. What were the strategies of the French and Germans during the First World War?

6. What was the overall state of military strategy in William of Normandy's time?

7. What were Prince Edward's accomplishments in the development of military technology and strategy?

8. Describe the changes that took place in France that led to Napoleon becoming ruler of that nation.

9. Explain Napoleon's famous quotation regarding moral and physical conditions.

10. What was Caesar's overall strategy in his Mediterranean campaigns?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The British Civil Wars represented a high point in military strategy. The well-developed techniques of the time led to elegant set-piece battles, but unfortunately, these rarely led to decisive results.

Part 1) Explain the nature of the British Civil Wars. Who were the major combatants? What resources did they have in technology, manpower and leadership?

Part 2) What was the state of generalship during these wars? What methods and strategies were prominent?

Part 3) Why did most engagements during these wars fail to lead to decisive results?

Essay Topic 2

Alexander the Great of Macedon is one of the most famed generals in history. His tactical maneuvers in battle are still studied to this day, but he was also a genius in the field of grand strategy.

Part 1) Explain Alexander's grand strategic goal, and his father's influence in creating and defining this goal.

Part 2) Find and explain one example of Alexander using the direct method of full scale combat to achieve part of his grand strategy.

Part 3) Find and explain an example of Alexander using indirect methods to forward his grand strategy. Explain why this action was indirect, and specifically how it advanced part of Alexander's overall goals.

Part 4) Explain at least one example of a long-lasting benefit gained through one of Alexander's decisive victories.

Part 5) Assess Alexander's accomplishments from a strategic standpoint and explain how successful he was in planning and executing his grand strategy.

Essay Topic 3

Hitler was undeniably a successful and charismatic leader. Despite his monstrous intentions, he managed to place himself in a position of preeminence over a major nation enjoyed by only a few leaders throughout history.

Part 1) Explain the conditions in Germany, including politics and the economy, during the time that Hitler was rising to power.

Part 2) How did Hitler manage to rise to such a high position within Germany? How was his political strategy similar to his later use of military strategy?

Part 3) How did Hitler gain the loyalty of his subordinates? What was unusual about his methods and writings before the beginning of the war?

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