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Basil Liddell Hart
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Short Answer Questions

1. During William of Normandy's time, what was the state of military strategy?

2. In what area of generalship did Belisarius excel?

3. In the overall strategic planning for the First World War, what country acted as a buffer between Germany and Russia?

4. Who led the second Persian invasion of Greece?

5. One of the aphorisms introduced at the beginning of the book states that all warfare is based on what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were Prince Edward's accomplishments in the development of military technology and strategy?

2. How did the large size of the Persian army in the second Greek and Persian war cause problems for the Persians?

3. Why were decisive results difficult to achieve during the British Civil Wars?

4. Explain Napoleon's famous quotation regarding moral and physical conditions.

5. Describe the effect of the locomotive on the American Civil War.

6. Why are decisive results important in warfare?

7. Describe the changes that took place in France that led to Napoleon becoming ruler of that nation.

8. What instigated the Byzantine war against the Vandals?

9. What is a "natural line of expectation"?

10. Why was Varro chosen to replace Fabius?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The War of Spanish Succession is cited as a major setback in military strategy. This war was fought in disparate theaters by nations with no real interest in the territory under dispute and with only the vaguest of grand strategies. The small number of commanders who endorsed a more indirect approach were consistently hindered by the ignorance of their superiors, and the war devolved into a bloody and indecisive war of direct approaches.

Part 1) Explain the background and progress of this war. What was unusual about the places where and the ways in which this war was fought?

Part 2) In general, what method were employed in this war? What factors contributed to these strategies?

Part 3) What were the grand strategies and national objects of the major participants of this war? How did these goals affects the course of the war? Did any nation succeed in achieving decisive results?

Part 4) Which commander or commanders sought to employ indirect methods during this war? Why were they hindered in their attempts? What would have been some possible results if they had not been blocked in their efforts?

Essay Topic 2

Lines of expectation play a major role throughout the book, helping to explain why various campaigns and offensives were or were not successful. These sometimes obscure or ambiguous concepts can provide a major advantage to the general who is able to best identify and utilize them.

Part 1) What is a line of expectation? How are these lines formed, maintained and identified?

Part 2) What is the importance of lines of expectation in strategy? How should a major natural line of expectation be treated? Can it be engaged directly? Can it ever be safely ignored?

Part 3) Using examples from the book, provide and explain one example each of a general correctly and incorrectly using natural lines of expectation. Explain the results in each case.

Essay Topic 3

William of Normandy exemplified the skilled military commander of the medieval era. His conquests changed the face of England forever.

Part 1) Explain the background of William of Normandy's invasion of England, including a discussion of his allies and their importance.

Part 2) Discuss one or more of William's most famous battles. How did these battles demonstrate the level of sophistication of strategies of the time?

Part 3) Did William achieve decisive or indecisive results? In either case, what strategic conditions contributed to these results? Explain the nature and importance of these results.

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