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Basil Liddell Hart
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Short Answer Questions

1. According to the author, what nation first employed military strategy in Europe?

2. A "pincer movement" involves what kind of strategic maneuver?

3. How does the author define "Grand Strategy"?

4. During the British Civil Wars, what were the prospects for sweeping victories and conquests?

5. What events caused France to become a united nation?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the effect of the locomotive on the American Civil War.

2. Why is the indirect method favorable over direct methods?

3. What was the overall strategy of Fabius in his war against Hannibal?

4. Why were decisive results difficult to achieve during the British Civil Wars?

5. What was Cromwell's strategy as he moved to engage the Scottish?

6. What was Caesar's overall strategy in his Mediterranean campaigns?

7. Describe some of Belisarius's conquests.

8. What were the results of the Hundred Year's War between England and France?

9. What factors led to Greek victory in the first war between Greece and Persia?

10. What were European nations like during the era of the Wars of Spanish Succession?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

William of Normandy exemplified the skilled military commander of the medieval era. His conquests changed the face of England forever.

Part 1) Explain the background of William of Normandy's invasion of England, including a discussion of his allies and their importance.

Part 2) Discuss one or more of William's most famous battles. How did these battles demonstrate the level of sophistication of strategies of the time?

Part 3) Did William achieve decisive or indecisive results? In either case, what strategic conditions contributed to these results? Explain the nature and importance of these results.

Essay Topic 2

Alexander the Great of Macedon is one of the most famed generals in history. His tactical maneuvers in battle are still studied to this day, but he was also a genius in the field of grand strategy.

Part 1) Explain Alexander's grand strategic goal, and his father's influence in creating and defining this goal.

Part 2) Find and explain one example of Alexander using the direct method of full scale combat to achieve part of his grand strategy.

Part 3) Find and explain an example of Alexander using indirect methods to forward his grand strategy. Explain why this action was indirect, and specifically how it advanced part of Alexander's overall goals.

Part 4) Explain at least one example of a long-lasting benefit gained through one of Alexander's decisive victories.

Part 5) Assess Alexander's accomplishments from a strategic standpoint and explain how successful he was in planning and executing his grand strategy.

Essay Topic 3

Constable du Guesclin played an indispensable role in the liberation of France that occurred during the Hundred Years War. He perfected the indirect approach and introduced a new method of warfare that confounded his enemies and turned the tide of a war that was to all appearances over.

Part 1) Explain the progress of the war between France and England before du Gueslcin's time.

Part 2) What strategies did du Geusclin employ? How did he overcome English numerical and technological superiority? Why were the English unable to engage and defeat du Guesclin?

Part 3) Compare du Guesclin's strategies to those of modern guerrilla warfare. How are these strategies similar or different? What important advantages did this type of strategy provide for du Guesclin?

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