Strategy Short Essay - Answer Key

Basil Liddell Hart
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1. Explain Napoleon's famous quotation regarding moral and physical conditions.

Napoleon was alleged to have frequently said, "The moral is to the physical as three to one." This means that, in the general's opinion, moral and psychological conditions are much more important than the numbers of troops, their dispositions, supplies and positions.

2. Explain the author's opinion on Sun Tzu's quotation about deception in warfare.

Sun Tzu wrote that "All warfare is deception." The author endorses this opinion, and believes that deceit and trickery are necessary elements of a successful and minimally bloody war. Furthermore, the use of these tactics makes the war more likely to come to a decisive resolution, providing lasting benefits for the victorious side.

3. Explain the concept of the "center" of a country's military power. What is the importance of "dislocating" this center?

The "center" of a country's military power is the logistical point around which all of their operations revolve. Control, morale and supply all contribute to the center. If a center can be dislocated, the military machine can no longer operate effectively, and the war is mostly won.

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