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Basil Liddell Hart
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Grand Strategy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During World War II, most maneuvers had the intention of attacking the enemy where?
(a) Along their coastlines.
(b) In their capital cities.
(c) In their rear area.
(d) Along their entire front.

2. Marlborough was notable for his use of what stratagems?
(a) Bold frontal attacks.
(b) Concentrated fire.
(c) Indirect manuevers.
(d) Tactical withdrawls.

3. How does the author define "Generalship"?
(a) The actual directing of military forces.
(b) The respect received from the troops.
(c) The chain of military command.
(d) The dominating force of leadership of a commander.

4. At the time of the Wars of Spanish Succession, what was the state of most European nations?
(a) They were ruled by various princes and not united.
(b) They badly needed more manpower to carry out large wars.
(c) They were becoming industrialized.
(d) They were becoming democracies and republics.

5. What is the most important possible result of a significant moral victory?
(a) A superior position can be gained.
(b) A war can be ended without fighting.
(c) A battle can be avoided.
(d) Losses can be reduced.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the height of his power and greatness, Napoleon was likened to what historical figure?

2. What bias are generals likely to carry during war councils?

3. In the First World War, which Mediterranean nation did the allies hope to re-unify?

4. Which of the following elements is NOT described as being part of the "center" of a country's military power?

5. What was the state of most armies in William of Normandy's time and region?

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