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Basil Liddell Hart
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13: The South-Eastern or Mediterranean Theatre.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fabius was famous for what tactic?
(a) Employing highly mobile light forces.
(b) Forestalling engagements until the proper time.
(c) Guerilla warfare.
(d) Forcing the enemy to attack.

2. What was the state of generalship during the British Civil Wars?
(a) Generals were unskilled politicians.
(b) The skills of generals on all sides varied widely.
(c) Generals were skilled and evenly matched.
(d) British generals far outmatched those of other forces.

3. The Germans devised their strategy for war with France and the allies on the strategies of what general?
(a) Du Guesclin.
(b) Hannibal.
(c) Caesar.
(d) Fabius.

4. What events caused France to become a united nation?
(a) The politicians and actions by Germany.
(b) The formation of the United States of America.
(c) The French Revolution.
(d) The country's invasion by foreigners.

5. What is a "wedge attack" intended to achieve?
(a) The wholesale destruction of enemy troops.
(b) The destruction of a fortified location.
(c) The diversion of resources away from the real attack.
(d) The separation of enemy forces.

Short Answer Questions

1. A "pincer movement" involves what kind of strategic maneuver?

2. Mobility favors troops of what type?

3. During Caesar's wars, who was fighting for control of Egypt?

4. According to the author, what is the use or importance of ancient strategies?

5. How does the author characterize the France that develops under Napoleon?

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