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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose diatribes had influenced Turgenev's politics?
(a) Bakunin's.
(b) Belinsky's.
(c) Dostoevsky's.
(d) Herzen's.

2. When did Tolstoy's reputation change?
(a) In the late 1880s.
(b) In the early 1890s.
(c) In the mid-1870s.
(d) In the early 1860s.

3. What term did Turgenev use to describe the protagonist of his novel Rudin?
(a) An everyman.
(b) A superfluous man.
(c) A hero.
(d) An ubermensch.

4. How did Belinsky make a living?
(a) Belinsky made a living as a bureaucrat and wrote in his spare time.
(b) Belinsky made a living as tanner.
(c) Belinksy was a nobleman who worked only on his writing.
(d) Belinsky made a living as a hack writer.

5. When did Vissarion Belinsky die?
(a) 1850.
(b) 1862.
(c) 1856.
(d) 1848.

Short Answer Questions

1. What term of contempt did Tolstoy use for writing he disliked?

2. What theme does Turgenev's novel Fathers and Children deal with?

3. What did Herzen understand that the revolutionaries did not understand?

4. What native influence affected the Russian Populists?

5. Where did Tolstoy find the source of his philosophy?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Tolstoy's theories and values appear in his novels?

2. Why was Chernychevsky wary of the state?

3. What was Herzen's early activist career like?

4. What qualities did the characters based on Belinsky have?

5. What was Turgenev's political stance, and how had he formulated it?

6. What signs indicate the importance of Belinsky in Russian culture?

7. What was Tolstoy's education like?

8. What Western thinkers influenced Populism?

9. Who was Nikolay Chernychevsky and what was his role in Russian culture?

10. What did Russian populists experience when they went to the communes in 1874?

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