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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What archetype was Levin in Anna Karenina an example of?
(a) The gentleman farmer.
(b) The unspoiled innocent.
(c) The hard-working laborer.
(d) The successful poet-visionary.

2. What balance did Herzen strike in his philosophy?
(a) A balance between living naturally and making art.
(b) A balance between political engagement and artistic remove.
(c) A balance between revolutionary activities and aristocratic manners.
(d) A balance between social justice and intellectual skepticism.

3. What problem obsessed Turgenev during his life?
(a) Turgenev was obsessed by the problem of the sensitive man who has no influence on the events of his day.
(b) Turgenev was obsessed by the problem of the landowner who cannot help his peasants without giving away his property.
(c) Turgenev was obsessed by the problem of industrialization in a culture of hand-laborers.
(d) Turgenev was obsessed by the problem of European influence on Russian philosophy and literature.

4. How did Tolstoy get along with the literary salons?
(a) He longed for attention but was uncomfortable in the salons' scrutinizing eyes.
(b) He was often at odds with critics, and he became famous for his quarrels.
(c) He fit right in with his wit and quick tongue and aphorisms.
(d) He made them uncomfortable because he knew that real life was lived in nature.

5. How did the government react to Turgenev's death?
(a) The government gave Turgenev a hero's farewell.
(b) The government attacked mourners at Turgenev's funeral.
(c) The government made sure that Turgenev was buried without fanfare.
(d) The government to drastic precautions over Turgenev's funeral.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Vissarion Belinsky die?

2. How was Belinsky described by the writers he influenced?

3. How did Tolstoy understand the concept of truth?

4. What native influence affected the Russian Populists?

5. What did Herzen understand that the revolutionaries did not understand?

Short Essay Questions

1. What belief did Tolstoy share with Rousseau?

2. What signs indicate the importance of Belinsky in Russian culture?

3. Where did characters based on Belinsky appear in Russian literature?

4. What was the critical consensus on Tolstoy, and how does Berlin revise it?

5. Describe Russian populism as a movement.

6. Describe Belinsky's background and biography.

7. According to Berlin, why was Turgenev attacked from both left and right?

8. What does the term "superfluous men" mean in Russian literature?

9. Why did Turgenev's character Bazarov inspire such strong responses from audiences?

10. Where did Alexander Herzen come from?

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