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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Herzen's last name indicate about his birth?
(a) Herzen was a German name, indicating that his parents had immigrated to Russia.
(b) Herzen was a noble name, and indicates his high birth.
(c) Herzen's father was common name for Latvian emigrants to Russia to adopt.
(d) Herzen means heart in German, and indicates his illegitimacy.

2. What group was Herzen part of in university?
(a) Herzen belonged to a group of student radicals.
(b) Herzen was one of Belinsky's proteges.
(c) Herzen was one of Turgenev's "superfluous men."
(d) Herzen was part of the Petrachevsky circle.

3. What interaction did Tolstoy have with the radical Dobrolyubov?
(a) Dobrolyubov published Turgenev's first novel.
(b) Dobrolyubov challenged Turgenev to a duel, but Turgenev refused to fight.
(c) Dobrolyubov refused to talk with Turgenev when they met, once.
(d) Turgenev and Dobrolyubov fought a duel.

4. Who converted Belinsky to the idealism of Fichte and Schelling?
(a) Stankevich.
(b) Herzen.
(c) Goncharov.
(d) Gogol.

5. Who changed the consensus about Tolstoy?
(a) Mikhailovsky.
(b) Dobrolyubov.
(c) Fet.
(d) Chernyshevsky.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Herzen believe was the "goal" of life?

2. Where did Tolstoy find the source of his philosophy?

3. What do Herzen and Turgenev's novels have in common?

4. What kind of position has Turgenev's legacy occupied in Russian society?

5. Who were Herzen's parents?

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