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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two thinkers influenced the Russian populists?
(a) Locke and Rousseau.
(b) Fourier and Mill.
(c) Kant and Hume.
(d) Darwin and Marx.

2. What was Tolstoy's opinion about his professors?
(a) Tolstoy believed that they were fostering a revolutionary consciousness in their students.
(b) Tolstoy believed that they contained the wealth of the world between themselves collectively.
(c) Tolstoy believed that they wasted their time on trivialities.
(d) Tolstoy believed that they were undermining the aristocracy.

3. What values did Herzen share with the group he was part of?
(a) Herzen and his circle believed that historical progress would sweep away the aristocracy.
(b) Herzen and his circle exorcised their guilt at being landowners by drinking and gambling and generally dissipating themselves.
(c) Herzen and his circle felt compelled to respond radically to Russia's stifling culture.
(d) Herzen and his circle wanted to escape from Russian life into aesthetics and decadent Western art.

4. Who changed the consensus about Tolstoy?
(a) Fet.
(b) Dobrolyubov.
(c) Mikhailovsky.
(d) Chernyshevsky.

5. How was Herzen seen by the revolutionaries of the 1860s and 1870s?
(a) Herzen was seen as a decadent aesthete.
(b) Herzen was dismissed as a salon-talker.
(c) Herzen was portrayed as a father of Russian literature.
(d) Herzen was seen as an inspiring revolutionary.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Belinsky described by the writers he influenced?

2. Who was the thinker Tolstoy agreed with most?

3. Whose failures did the leader of the Populists reject?

4. What did Populists do in large scale in 1874?

5. Whom did Belinsky identify as the father of Russian literature?

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