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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom did Belinsky identify as the father of Russian literature?
(a) Pushkin.
(b) Turgenev.
(c) Dostoevsky.
(d) Lermontov.

2. What model did populists see as the basis for reform?
(a) Peasant communes.
(b) Native-American tribes.
(c) Aristocratic fiefdoms.
(d) European nation-states.

3. How was Fathers and Children received in Russia?
(a) It was not noticed until later in Turgenev's life.
(b) It was celebrated as an avant-garde modernism novel.
(c) It caused a controversy over its portrayal of nihilism.
(d) It was banned for obscenity.

4. How was Turgenev's novels seen by the Russian government?
(a) Turgenev's novels represented the ideal Russian society.
(b) Turgenev's novels were charming and harmless.
(c) Turgenev's novels were banned as subversive.
(d) Turgenev's novels were not safe.

5. What theme does Turgenev's novel Fathers and Children deal with?
(a) It is centered on the relationship between Turgenev's generation and the generation of radicals that followed him.
(b) It describes the problem of nihilism and anarchism within an industrial society.
(c) It recounts Turgenev's travels to Europe and the ideas he found there.
(d) It describes the ascent of a new generation of radical families.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Tolstoy's relationship with Hegel's philosophy?

2. How widely was Belinsky read?

3. How does Berlin describe Belinsky's legacy?

4. What interaction did Tolstoy have with the radical Dobrolyubov?

5. Who was the most important leader among the Russian Populists?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Tolstoy's social life like after graduating from university?

2. What course of action did Tolstoy advocate for intellectuals?

3. What does the term "superfluous men" mean in Russian literature?

4. What was Tolstoy's education like?

5. Where did characters based on Belinsky appear in Russian literature?

6. Why was Chernychevsky wary of the state?

7. What balances did Belinsky strike in his social status and identity?

8. What did Russian populists experience when they went to the communes in 1874?

9. Why did Turgenev and Botkin despise Chernychevsky?

10. How did Hegel's ideas influence Herzen?

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