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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What archetype was Levin in Anna Karenina an example of?
(a) The successful poet-visionary.
(b) The hard-working laborer.
(c) The unspoiled innocent.
(d) The gentleman farmer.

2. What problem obsessed Turgenev during his life?
(a) Turgenev was obsessed by the problem of industrialization in a culture of hand-laborers.
(b) Turgenev was obsessed by the problem of European influence on Russian philosophy and literature.
(c) Turgenev was obsessed by the problem of the sensitive man who has no influence on the events of his day.
(d) Turgenev was obsessed by the problem of the landowner who cannot help his peasants without giving away his property.

3. What allowed the leader of the Populists to lead?
(a) He was born in Europe, so he could see Russian culture without bias.
(b) He was born to a parish priest, so he understood poor people's concerns.
(c) He was born to an aristocratic father and a poor mother, so he understood both worlds.
(d) He was born after the period of repression, so he experienced a full spectrum of Russian literature and life.

4. What were the Russian Populists opposed to?
(a) The inherited privilege of the Russian aristocracy.
(b) Individualism on one hand and authoritarian centralism traditions on the other.
(c) Radical and revolutionary organizations that wanted to bring about change through violence.
(d) The Europeanization of Russian culture.

5. Whose failures did the leader of the Populists reject?
(a) Dostoevsky's.
(b) Herzen's.
(c) Gogol's.
(d) Bakunin's.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Berlin describe Belinsky's legacy?

2. What does Herzen's last name indicate about his birth?

3. What European doctrine did Herzen deplore?

4. What did Herzen understand that the revolutionaries did not understand?

5. What does the Russian word "Mir" mean?

Short Essay Questions

1. What course of action did Tolstoy advocate for intellectuals?

2. What was Tolstoy's education like?

3. What was Tolstoy's social life like after graduating from university?

4. Who was Nikolay Chernychevsky and what was his role in Russian culture?

5. Where did characters based on Belinsky appear in Russian literature?

6. What was Herzen's early activist career like?

7. Describe Russian populism as a movement.

8. What qualities did the characters based on Belinsky have?

9. Where did Alexander Herzen come from?

10. How did Hegel's ideas influence Herzen?

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