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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has the consensus been about Leo Tolstoy?
(a) That he was ahead of his time as a thinker.
(b) That he was really a cleric, more than a novelist.
(c) That he was a brilliant novelist but a bad thinker.
(d) That he was more of a philosopher than a novelist.

2. What Keats-like gift did Turgenev have?
(a) Turgenev had a gift for short evocative verse.
(b) Turgenev had a gift for writing in Italian.
(c) Turgenev had a gift for making himself popular with peasants.
(d) Turgenev had a gift for "negative capability."

3. What did Populists do in large scale in 1874?
(a) Study social organization in peasant communes.
(b) Declare independence from Russia.
(c) Publish a manifesto prophesying Communism.
(d) Begin a rebellion in Moscow.

4. Who were Herzen's parents?
(a) Herzen's father was a painter; his mother was a writer.
(b) Herzen's father was a journalist; his mother was a homemaker.
(c) Herzen's father was a musician; his mother was an actress.
(d) Herzen's father was a gentleman; his mother was his mistress.

5. What model did populists see as the basis for reform?
(a) European nation-states.
(b) Aristocratic fiefdoms.
(c) Peasant communes.
(d) Native-American tribes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What ideas did Tolstoy believe in?

2. How was Turgenev received by the radicals of the 1860s and 70s?

3. What sentiment ultimately moved the Populists?

4. Where was Herzen born?

5. What was Tolstoy's relationship with Hegel's philosophy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What talent did Turgenev share with English poet John Keats?

2. What was Herzen's early activist career like?

3. Who was Nikolay Chernychevsky and what was his role in Russian culture?

4. What signs indicate the importance of Belinsky in Russian culture?

5. How did Hegel's ideas influence Herzen?

6. Describe Russian populism as a movement.

7. What course of action did Tolstoy advocate for intellectuals?

8. Where did characters based on Belinsky appear in Russian literature?

9. How did Tolstoy's theories and values appear in his novels?

10. What belief did Tolstoy share with Rousseau?

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