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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Russian Populism.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What native influence affected the Russian Populists?
(a) Russian agricultural practices.
(b) Serfdom.
(c) Russian Orthodox traditions.
(d) The gloom of Russian philosophy.

2. How did authors fare in the mid-nineteenth-century Russian literary scene?
(a) They had difficulty getting their work into print, because the censors were so strict.
(b) They could publish their work, but sometimes had to be vague about their political meanings.
(c) They published in underground magazines and pamphlets.
(d) They were free to publish political commentary and opinions without persecution.

3. Who advocated Russian Populism?
(a) The Petersburg Literary Coterie.
(b) A widespread group of radicals.
(c) The Second of April Committee.
(d) The Moscow Reform Party.

4. What Populist warning did Lenin's reign fulfill?
(a) Lenin's reign fulfilled the Populist prophecy that a popular movement would kneel before a charismatic dictator.
(b) Lenin's reign fulfilled the Populist prophecy that the people would prosper under autocratic rule.
(c) Lenin's reign fulfilled the Populist prophecy that a revolution of the elite would result in a dictatorship of that elite.
(d) Lenin's reign fulfilled the Populist prophecy that the people would not be happy under any leader who led more than one collective.

5. Whom did Bakunin inspire during his travels?
(a) The French bourgeoisie.
(b) Italian laborers.
(c) German revolutionaries.
(d) Swiss watchmakers.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Berlin describe Herzen's legacy?

2. What insight did Herzen value in the thinkers who influenced him?

3. Which two thinkers influenced the Russian populists?

4. What movement was responsible for bringing politics into literature in mid-nineteenth-century Russian literature?

5. What model did populists see as the basis for reform?

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