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American Thinkers

What contemporary American thinkers would you profile if you were Isaiah Berlin today?

Foxes and Hedgehogs

Who besides Tolstoy is a fox who sees value in being a hedgehog? Which teachers do these terms apply to? Which students, writers, philosophers do they apply to?

Metaphorical Animals

Berlin uses the fox and the hedgehog as metaphors for aspects of Tolstoy's personality. What other animals can you think of to express the opposite sides of Tolstoy's personality? What animals express the different sides of your own personality?

Class Debate

Are artists obligated to contribute reforms or other things of value to their cultures, or are they free to manifest whatever art is in them, free of social obligation?

Russian Cuisine

What would Russians have been eating and drinking while they were having these debates about the place of art and philosophy in culture? Find a specialty shop or...

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