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Torey Hayden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sheila's father acknowledge?
(a) He is sorry about what happened to Sheila.
(b) He needs help caring for Sheila.
(c) That Torey is the best thing that ever happened to Sheila.
(d) He has a drinking problem.

2. What does Sheila find in the trash and complete as a surprise for Torey?
(a) A fourth grade math test.
(b) A fifth grade math test.
(c) A fifth grade reading assignment.
(d) A fourth grade reading assignment.

3. Why does Torey wish she had a teacher's desk in her room after talking to Ed?
(a) So that she could have a place to put her head down.
(b) So she could hide behind it.
(c) So the room would seem like other classrooms.
(d) So she could lose herself in her work and forget her troubles.

4. What does Torey do to Sheila after she comes back to the classroom after destroying the things in the regular classroom?
(a) Ignores her.
(b) Scolds her.
(c) Holds her.
(d) Yells at her.

5. What does Torey ask Chad to do in regards to Sheila?
(a) To take on her case to keep her out of the state hospital.
(b) To come into the classroom and meet Sheila.
(c) To talk to Ed on Sheila's behalf.
(d) To talk to her father about the constant beatings.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what month does Ed reveal that there is room in the state hospital for Sheila?

2. What does Torey tell Sheila makes her a good little girl?

3. Why does Freddie's mother come to visit Torey?

4. At the hearing, what warms Torey's heart in regard to Sheila's father?

5. What does Sheila ask Torey before she leaves her in the nurses office?

Short Essay Questions

1. What new revelation has Sheila come to about the story of The Little Prince?

2. What do you believe the poem is an indicator of?

3. What does Sheila's father do at the end of this chapter which gives Torey hope that he is trying to do the right thing?

4. Why does Torey ignore Sheila for the rest of the day?

5. What information does Torey learn about the class while Sheila is in the hospital?

6. What does Sheila want to know when Torey returns to school after being at the conference?

7. What information does Torey learn at the beginning of this chapter and how does Torey feel after she hears it?

8. What is the epilogue composed of?

9. What does Sheila continue to dwell on even though Torey asks her not to?

10. What does Torey think may be at the heart of Sheila's aversion to completing paperwork and why does she think this way?

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