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Torey Hayden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprises Torey about Sheila's hospital stay?
(a) They will not allow her to have any visitors.
(b) They left her alone and unsupervised.
(c) They put her in a crib.
(d) The doctor's were unable to help her.

2. What is Torey worrying about with only three weeks of school left?
(a) How to say goodbye to her students.
(b) What she will do next year.
(c) Things that should have been done.
(d) How she will break the news to Chad that she is leaving.

3. What does Sheila say to Torey that she wishes?
(a) That she had never burned the boy.
(b) That her father had come with her.
(c) That she could have a dress.
(d) That Torey and Chad were her parents.

4. What does Sheila's father acknowledge?
(a) He is sorry about what happened to Sheila.
(b) He has a drinking problem.
(c) That Torey is the best thing that ever happened to Sheila.
(d) He needs help caring for Sheila.

5. Why doesn't Sheila's father visit her in the hospital?
(a) He is always drunk.
(b) He was arrested for neglect.
(c) He has a phobia of hospitals.
(d) He is not allowed to visit her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following characters is often a source of laughter within Torey's classroom?

2. Why is Torey almost glad for Sheila's hospitalization?

3. What does Sheila do when she is told that she will not be able to go on the field trip with the class that afternoon?

4. What is unique about Sheila's speech pattern?

5. What subject does Torey put a particular emphasis on within her classroom that the other children seem to really enjoy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information does Torey learn about the class while Sheila is in the hospital?

2. Why does Sheila decide she will start completing paperwork?

3. What in this chapter is an example of the progress Sheila has made socially?

4. What does Sheila continue to dwell on even though Torey asks her not to?

5. How does Sheila seem when she returns to school and what does this make Torey worry about?

6. What does Sheila's father do at the end of this chapter which gives Torey hope that he is trying to do the right thing?

7. What does Chad give to Sheila and how does she react?

8. What does Torey think may be at the heart of Sheila's aversion to completing paperwork and why does she think this way?

9. Why does Torey ignore Sheila for the rest of the day?

10. What is the epilogue composed of?

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