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Torey Hayden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Torey's favorite television show?
(a) Welcome Back Kotter.
(b) Star Trek.
(c) Little House on the Praire.
(d) Brady Bunch.

2. Why does Torey end up putting Shelia on her lap during the math activity?
(a) So she will feel safe.
(b) So she can talk quietly in her ear.
(c) So she cannot move.
(d) So she can help her complete the math activity.

3. What news does the social worker give to Torey about Shelia's arrival and leaving every day?
(a) She will arrive 1/2 an hour early and leave 2 hours late.
(b) She will arrive 1/2 an hour early and leave 1/2 an hour early.
(c) She will arrive 2 hours early and leave 1/2 an hour late.
(d) She will arrive 2 hours early and leave two hours early.

4. When is the only time that Shelia moves out of her chair within the classroom?
(a) When Torey calls her name.
(b) When one of the students comes close to her.
(c) When she hears a loud noise.
(d) To go to the bathroom.

5. Which of the following is not one of the things Shelia's father said about her?
(a) She sucks her thumb.
(b) She is a loner.
(c) She cries.
(d) She wets the bed.

6. What does Torey agree to do when Sheila tells her that she cannot accept the gift?
(a) She agrees to talk to her father for her.
(b) She agrees to take them back.
(c) She agrees to find a different present.
(d) She agrees to keep them at school.

7. Why can the reader infer that many people view Torey's work as frustrating and sad?
(a) Because they pity her students.
(b) Because they lack empathy skills.
(c) Because they are unaware of this type of student.
(d) Because they do not understand education.

8. Shelia seems to be realizing that Torey is someone that she can what?
(a) Trust.
(b) Fear.
(c) Love.
(d) Respect.

9. Which of the following is the best definition for a prologue?
(a) Summary.
(b) Introduction.
(c) Abstract.
(d) Conclusion.

10. Which of the following seems to be an accurate description of Sheila in chapter six?
(a) She seems to be afraid of Torey.
(b) She seems psychopathic.
(c) She is eager to learn.
(d) She is unteachable.

11. What does Torey do to keep all of the students in the room?
(a) Plays music that soothes the students.
(b) Uses a child safety gate.
(c) Puts one of the aides in front of the door.
(d) Locks the door.

12. What is unique about Sheila's home situation in regards to water?
(a) She is unable to bathe.
(b) She has to wash in the same bucket she drinks from.
(c) She only has a pail of water for drinking in the house.
(d) She is not allowed to have any water.

13. What does Sheila do at the end of the day after the other students are gone?
(a) Eats all of the leftover toppings from the cooking lesson.
(b) Walks around the classroom aimlessly.
(c) Goes to the quiet chair and sits to wait for her bus.
(d) Goes to the bathroom to clean off the chocolate.

14. How did Torey feel about accepting the position that Ed was offering her?
(a) She was excited.
(b) She declined it.
(c) She was unsure and wanted to visit the students before deciding.
(d) She had reservations.

15. How does Torey characterize Shelia's addition to her classroom in regards to the order within the classroom?
(a) She indicates it is like starting from the beginning again.
(b) She indicates that Shelia has been as she expected.
(c) She indicates Shelia is easier than some of the other children.
(d) She indicates that Shelia has adapted well to the order in the classroom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sheila say she doesn't cry?

2. What does Torey say she will reward the other children with if they keep working when Sheila has her outbursts?

3. How does Torey describe Anton?

4. What does Shelia do with the items Torey attempts to use during her math time?

5. What food item does the class make during cooking time today?

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