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Torey Hayden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Torey's favorite television show?
(a) Star Trek.
(b) Welcome Back Kotter.
(c) Little House on the Praire.
(d) Brady Bunch.

2. Where is Shelia expected to go from Torey's class?
(a) Jail.
(b) Juvenile ward.
(c) Another classroom in the district.
(d) State hospital.

3. What does Torey do during her lunch break on the day Shelia starts in her class?
(a) Goes to read Shelia's file.
(b) Sits at the back of the cafeteria and watches Shelia.
(c) Goes back to the room to set up for the afternoon.
(d) Goes to the faculty room to find Ed.

4. How does Sheila say she received the scar on her leg?
(a) She was pushed out of the car by her mother.
(b) Her father cut her leg to punish her.
(c) She broke her leg playing.
(d) She was hit by a car.

5. How does Shelia react within the classroom on her first day when Ed brings her into the classroom?
(a) She kicks Ed in the shin.
(b) She sits in the corner and ignores everyone.
(c) She screams and claws at the door.
(d) She does not respond to Torey or any of the children.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Sheila get to participate in this subject?

2. How does Torey make attempts to contact Sheila's father before she and Anton go to visit the migrant camp?

3. Whose name appears on several of the Kobold's notes at the end of the day when Torey reads them?

4. What question does Sheila ask Torey about the paperwork?

5. What happens when Anton and Torey arrive at Sheila's shack?

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