Objects & Places from One Child

Torey Hayden
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The Garbage Classappears in non-fiction

Torey's classroom is referred to by the other teachers as this.

The Goldfishappears in non-fiction

On Sheila's first day she plucks their eyes out with a pencil.

Hair Barrettesappears in non-fiction

Torey buys Sheila these.

Dressesappears in non-fiction

Chad buys Sheila this because she has never had one before.

Paperappears in non-fiction

Sheila has an issue with this.

The Annexappears in non-fiction

Torey's classroom is here.

The Migrant Campappears in non-fiction

This is a conglomeration of races living in poverty.

The Kobold Boxappears in non-fiction

Torey invents this as a way to encourage the children to behave and learn to compliment other children who act nicely.

Rabbit Droppingsappears in non-fiction

Sheila covers the this in paint so that they look like M&M candies.

The Little Princeappears in non-fiction

Torey reads this to Sheila when she first comes to the school.

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