One Child Character Descriptions

Torey Hayden
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Torey Hayden

This character works with special needs children and has a unique teaching style.


This character lives with her father in the migrant camp because her mother abandoned her two years earlier.


This character is an eight-year-old large black boy with an Afro.


This character is eight and is a girl. She has dark curly hair and is very shy.


This character is six years old and big for his age. He has blond hair and has been diagnosed with infantile autism.


This character is obese, weighing ninety-four pounds. The fat pours out of his tight fitting clothes.


This character has been physically and sexually abused and as a result is angry and defiant.

Susannah Joy

This character is described as doll-like.


This character is nine years old. He is tall and pale complected.


This character is a Mexican-American...

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