One Child Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Torey Hayden
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• In this introduction, Torey explains her motivation for writing this story.

She is motivated by love for her students and the bond she is able to establish with Shelia.

Torey says that a lot of people would find her job frustrating and sad, but she doesn't pity her students.
• She prefers to view them with awe for what they can show her.

She says that a brief moment of peace or learning make everything she does worthwhile.

Chapter 1

• Torey reads an article about a six-year old who burned a three year old boy after tying him to a tree and think she will meet this child in her class one day.

Torey is a special education teacher whose class is sometimes referred to as the garbage class because the children are not wanted in any other class.

Ed Somers called Torey and asked her if she would...

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