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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Africanus argue about God, in "The Dream of Scipio"?
(a) He is just.
(b) He is virtuous.
(c) He is needed.
(d) He is eternal.

2. What must the orator master?
(a) The entire sphere of philosophy.
(b) Thought.
(c) Science.
(d) Art.

3. What does Africanus tell Scipio about his future, in "The Dream of Scipio"?
(a) He has God in him.
(b) He has a destiny to rule.
(c) He will win many battles.
(d) He will lose many battles.

4. What does Laelius argue about a life without friends?
(a) It is unfulfilled.
(b) It is lonely.
(c) It is simple and peaceful.
(d) It is not worth living.

5. What does "Laelius: On Friendship" concern itself with?
(a) What makes a friend a friend.
(b) Laelius's meditation of his legendary friendship.
(c) Cicero's concept of friendship.
(d) Laelius's idea of friendship.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who challenges Crassus' views with historical counter-examples?

2. What does Crassus argue great orators cannot restrict themselves to?

3. Why is friendship more potent that kinship, according to Laelius ?

4. What does reciprocity suggest about friendship, according to "Laelius: On Friendship"?

5. According to "Laelius: On Friendship," what makes friendship possible?

Short Essay Questions

1. What should people look for in friend according to "Laelius: On Friendship"?

2. What does Africanus tell Scipio about his future?

3. Describe what "Laelius: On Friendship" discusses and who the speakers are.

4. What was oratory considered in the ancient world?

5. What was Laelius's attitude towards friendship?

6. What happens as the dream opens, in "The Dream of Scipio"?

7. According to "Laelius: On Friendship," what makes the best friendship?

8. What is the universe made up of, according to "The Dream of Scipio"?

9. What does "On the Orator" discuss?

10. Describe when the dialogue of "On the Orator" took place and the importance of the work.

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