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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Cicero, what can one NOT be without being intelligent?
(a) Honest.
(b) Brave.
(c) Good.
(d) Just.

2. According to Cicero, how does he view tyrannies?
(a) Unstable.
(b) Needed.
(c) Unnecessary.
(d) Stable.

3. According to Cicero, what will breed resentment in a ruler's subjects?
(a) Unjust behavior.
(b) Dishonor.
(c) Power.
(d) Theft.

4. Which medieval thinker admired Cicero, according to Grant?
(a) Plutarch.
(b) Dante.
(c) Petrarch.
(d) Aquinas.

5. How does the book of "On Duties" begin?
(a) With a summary of facts.
(b) With a description of its setting.
(c) With a quote.
(d) With the argument that being morally good provides knowledge to our duties.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Cicero do his writing, according to the introduction?

2. What is essential between two nations, according to Cicero in "On Duties"?

3. What does Cicero address in his work, "On Duties"?

4. According to "Discussions at Tusculum," why are evil people always miserable?

5. What did Stoics still think was preferable even if it did not add to happiness?

Short Essay Questions

1. What three things did Cicero argue moral goodness is comprised of?

2. Describe what Cicero insinuated about Caesar, in "On Duties".

3. Describe what Cicero said about justice and intelligence, in "On Duties."

4. What were Cicero's attitudes about human rights?

5. Tell why Cicero didn't identify with one type of philosophical school.

6. Of those listed in the introduction, what were some of the opinions the various author's had of Cicero?

7. What are 'preferables,' 'unpreferables,' and 'indifferents' according to the Stoics?

8. How do wise rulers win their subjects, according to Cicero?

9. When did Cicero write most of his works?

10. How did Cicero popularize many ideas and with whom?

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