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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Cicero influence, according to Grant?
(a) The modern philosphers.
(b) The Italian church.
(c) The children of the time.
(d) The Renaissance art.

2. According to Cicero, in "On Duties," what does he feel is more effective in inspiring confidence?
(a) Praise.
(b) Love.
(c) Goodwill.
(d) Justice.

3. Who favored Cicero?
(a) Nuns.
(b) Lactantius and many Christian fathers.
(c) Roman orators.
(d) Greek orators.

4. According to Cicero, what can one NOT be without being intelligent?
(a) Good.
(b) Just.
(c) Brave.
(d) Honest.

5. What is concluded about the achievement of moral goodness, in "Discussions at Tusculum"?
(a) It is indifferent to happiness.
(b) It is unessecary.
(c) It is the only way to achieve happiness.
(d) It is necessary.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cicero perceive philosophy under tyranny rule?

2. What did Cicero believe was the most divine thing in humans?

3. According to the introduction, what type of writing style did Cicero sometimes write in?

4. What did Cicero believe the result would be if happiness was only achieved by certain goods?

5. What were the followers of Aristotle called?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the Stoics believe made a happy life and did their belief mean?

2. What is the importance of stability in external goods, according to "Discussions at Tusculum"?

3. What should people look for in friend according to "Laelius: On Friendship"?

4. How did Cicero contradict the entire first chapter "Discussions at Tusculum"?

5. What did Cicero's work return to in "On Duties" and why?

6. What is the setting of "Discussions at Tusculum"?

7. What type of system of government did Cicero prefer in "On Duties"?

8. Tell why Cicero didn't identify with one type of philosophical school.

9. How did Cicero feel about statesmanship?

10. What were Cicero's attitudes about human rights?

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