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Morrie Schwartz
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II, Getting to Where You Want to Be, Chapter 11, Considering Death.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Schwartz suggest one in declining health deal with anger?
(a) Talk about it with others.
(b) Continue to let it grow.
(c) Let it pass.
(d) Try to forget about it.

2. Schwartz believes that death is both _____ and ______.
(a) Private and communal.
(b) Difficult and painful.
(c) Peaceful and happy.
(d) Short and sweet.

3. Schwartz states the important point that when one grieves for what has been lost, it is also important to _____.
(a) Try to forget one's declining health.
(b) Cherish what remains.
(c) Focus on what lies ahead.
(d) Remember the past.

4. Presumably, what occurrence will be counteracted by the peace one cultivates?
(a) Spiritual distress.
(b) Mental distress.
(c) Family concern.
(d) Physical distress.

5. Schwartz states that you should be honest about what to those around you?
(a) When you are feeling worse.
(b) When your doctor gives you a bad prognosis.
(c) When your doctor gives an estimation of how much time one has left.
(d) When you are in a bad mood.

Short Answer Questions

1. After his diagnosis, Schwartz began writing _____.

2. Schwartz explains that learning to grieve for yourself is just as important as grieving for whom?

3. Schwartz refers to what sociologist when discussing social roles?

4. According to Schwartz, figuring out what activities one should do requires knowing what aspect of one's life?

5. According to Schwartz, it is important that the sick ask for ________ from those with whom they have had difficult relationships.

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