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Morrie Schwartz
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Part I, Understanding Where You Are Now, Chapter 1, Living with Physical Limitations

• Morrie Schwartz is introduced as a college professor whose work focuses on the psychology of mourning, loss, and infirmity.

• Schwartz discusses his diagnosis of ALS, a debilitating disease.

• Schwartz decides to document his own declining health, in an effort to help others who suffer along with him.
• Schwartz advises the reader to first recognize that symptoms of loss of physical power will seem to come on too quickly.

• Schwartz gives the advice that preparing for this loss of physical power can make it easier to handle.

• Schwartz watches his own nerves deteriorate slowly.

• Schwartz explains that it is vital to accept yourself and your fate only as they currently exist.

• Schwartz discusses the idea that those in declining health must recognize their own vulnerabilities.
• Schwartz explains that the reader should understand that even the most basic...

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