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Short Answer Questions

1. After the death of the Bishop, Julian and Gallus agree to:

2. Constantius seems unsure about how to treat Julian, and the first thing he does is:

3. After he becomes Augustus, Julian fills his time with all of these activities except:

4. While Julian is being initiated into the mysteries, hooded men hurl insults at him, calling him all of these things except:

5. While in Athens, Julian encounters all of the following except:

Short Essay Questions

1. Julian is gaining confidence and developing skill as a military leader. Cite evidence or his military skills and success at about this time (356-358).

2. Julian first meets his cousin, Constantius, when he is 16. How does he prepare for the encounter and what is his reaction to the visit?

3. What does Gallus' treatment of Hilarius show about his character? What does Julian's reaction to the Hilarius incident reveal about his character?

4. Why does Libanius seek to publish a manuscript about Julian 20 years after his death?

5. Once he is appointed Caesar, Julian is immediately sent to Gaul. Constantius surrounds him with spies and men loyal to the Augustus and does not give him much in the way of military or political support. How does Julian deal with this situation?

6. What do Basil and Gregory represent to Julian?

7. Julian insists that his brother is led astray by Constantia. Do you think this is true? What evidence can you cite to support your answer?

8. How does Julian deal with his religious doubts, questions and qualms?

9. What happens to Julian when he returns to Rome? What do you think drives Constantius to do what he does to Julian?

10. At about the same time as Julian is defeating the Germans, Helena is giving birth to their first child, a son. Describe the birth and the circumstances surrounding the occasion. How does Julian react when he learns what transpires.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

From an early age, Julian has a nose for political correctness and self-preservation. Explore how this tendency to internalize his real thoughts and feelings (some might say deceive others about his true beliefs and intentions) manifested in several aspects of Julian's life.

Essay Topic 2

Libanius wants very much to publish a manuscript of Julian's memoirs. What is Libanius' motivation for wanting to publish the manuscript? Do you think it is a good idea to publish this manuscript? Why do you think Theodosius forbids publication of the manuscript? Do you think Libanius should be allowed to publish? Why or why not? What happens if he publishes the manuscript?

Essay Topic 3

Julian is searching to establish his identity, but circumstances force him to grow up quickly and make some tough choices. Discuss Julian's 'coming of age.' How do his experiences while growing into manhood shape him as a man and as a ruler?

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