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Short Answer Questions

1. Within the span of a few months, all of the following events occur except:

2. All of the following are factors in the plot to kill Julian except:

3. What happens to Julian and Helena's second child?

4. Constantius appoints Gallus as:

5. Julian's first indication that he becomes a great warrior and leader comes from:

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Julian's relationship with his father. How does he know his father loves him?

2. Gallus and his wife, Constantia, appear to be cut from the same cloth. What do you learn about them and their tastes and habits?

3. Why is it appropriate that Libanius and Priscus discuss things like their health and families as well as their memories of Julian and opinions about the current rulers of the land in the first chapter of this book?

4. In Chapter V, Gallus is named Caesar and marries Constantius's sister, Constantia. Do you think this is a coincidence? How do you explain these two almost simultaneous occurrences?

5. What happens when Julian finally has his long-awaited battle with the Germans? What does he carry into battle with him and how does he feel about carrying the item?

6. Julian often claims that he dislikes the ritual, etiquette and intrigue of the royal court, that he does not seek to acquire rank or power, and that he longs only to become a scholar. Do you think this is true? Give evidence for your answer/

7. Who is Sosipatra and what effect does she have on Julian's life?

8. How does Julian deal with his religious doubts, questions and qualms?

9. The seeds of Julian's religious conflict are also sown in chapter two. What memories indicate that Julian experiences doubts, questions and great interest in things metaphysical as a youngster?

10. In Chapter V, Julian has a religious experience that has a great impact on his life. Explain.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Julian as a young boy and discuss the circumstances and factors that shape him as he grows to manhood and ultimately to power and glory as Augustus of Rome.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the incident in which Julian's men hold a lottery to divide up the women of Maiozamalcha, Julian looks for a child to save, but he ends up selecting a deaf-mute boy, who remains faithful to Julian until his death. Explain the significance of this incident. What does the lottery reveal about warfare during Roman times? What do Julian's actions reveal about him? How do his men react? How does this incident contribute to the rising action of the story?

Essay Topic 3

Several differing points of view are presented in the story of Julian. Julian, Libanius and Priscus serve as narrators at various times in the story and they see some events differently. Compare and contrast their points of view. Why does the author include differing points of view? How does this contribute to the texture of the story? Which point of view represents the truth or the most accurate historical perspective?

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