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Short Answer Questions

1. Julian believes that his fate is being foretold when he dreams about:

2. Gallus tells Constantius that Julian wants to become:

3. Julian's first winter in Gaul is spent:

4. How does Julian react to Gallus' treatment of Hilarius?

5. In Gaul, Julian's army is plagued by:

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Gallus' feelings toward his brother Julian.

2. Describe Julian's relationship with his father. How does he know his father loves him?

3. On numerous occasions, Julian ignores, forgives or excuses his brother's vile behavior. Why do you think he does this?

4. Julian's friend Oribasius reminds him that he is in possession of a packet of instructions from Constantius and urges him to open the packet. What information is contained in the packet? How does Julian react to the information?

5. Once he is appointed Caesar, Julian is immediately sent to Gaul. Constantius surrounds him with spies and men loyal to the Augustus and does not give him much in the way of military or political support. How does Julian deal with this situation?

6. What are Julian's observations about the people of Gaul?

7. How does Julian deal with his religious doubts, questions and qualms?

8. What do the letters of Priscus and Libanius reveal about the culture and customs that exist in Rome at the time of their correspondence?

9. What happens when Julian finally has his long-awaited battle with the Germans? What does he carry into battle with him and how does he feel about carrying the item?

10. Julian marries Helena in 355. What is their relationship like? Why do you think the relationship is as it is?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Julian as a young boy and discuss the circumstances and factors that shape him as he grows to manhood and ultimately to power and glory as Augustus of Rome.

Essay Topic 2

What ultimately brings Julian down and causes and his era to end? Do you think it is Julian himself? Do you think it is his destiny or the will of the people or simply the march of history or some other factor that brings Julian's reign and the changes he seeks to effect to a halt? Explain Julian's ultimate failure and death in big picture terms.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the two brothers, Julian and Gallus, as boys, as young men and as Caesars. How are their ways of dealing with the world and with other people different/similar? What do you learn about their goals, desires, beliefs and principles? How do the two brothers change over time?

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