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Short Answer Questions

1. The Heirophant of Greece is:

2. As he grows older Gallus becomes more and more cruel. For this, Julian blames:

3. Alone at the baths, Julian meets all of these people except:

4. After a disastrous famine, people blame:

5. Constantius kills Gallus by:

Short Essay Questions

1. Julian meets Macrina and her uncle, Prohaeresius, while he is in Athens. What role do these two individuals play in Julian's life?

2. What happens when Julian finally has his long-awaited battle with the Germans? What does he carry into battle with him and how does he feel about carrying the item?

3. What happens to Julian when he returns to Rome? What do you think drives Constantius to do what he does to Julian?

4. Julian's first meeting with Constantius gives him a taste of the power and might of royalty. How does he react to this taste of power?

5. Once he is appointed Caesar, Julian is immediately sent to Gaul. Constantius surrounds him with spies and men loyal to the Augustus and does not give him much in the way of military or political support. How does Julian deal with this situation?

6. Who is Sosipatra and what effect does she have on Julian's life?

7. As a youngster, Julian expresses awareness of his own mortality and even fear for his life. Why?

8. What do Basil and Gregory represent to Julian?

9. In Chapter V, Gallus is named Caesar and marries Constantius's sister, Constantia. Do you think this is a coincidence? How do you explain these two almost simultaneous occurrences?

10. Julian is gaining confidence and developing skill as a military leader. Cite evidence or his military skills and success at about this time (356-358).

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Select a minor character from the story of Julian and discuss this character's role in the overall story. Explain how this character is developed throughout the story and what his/her purpose is from a literary standpoint.as well as with respect to advancing the plot and revealing the main character, Julian.

Essay Topic 2

When Julian realizes that he loses the support of his beloved deities, it is a crucial turning point for him. How does this change him as a man and as a leader? What do you think goes through his mind about religion and about his life-long efforts to praise, honor and elevate the deities?

Essay Topic 3

Explore the evolution of Julian's feelings about Christianity. Why do you think his attitude changes and becomes so negative? Is there anything else going on within him or around him that would influence him to become anti-Christian?

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