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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As he grows older Gallus becomes more and more cruel. For this, Julian blames:
(a) His wife, Constantia.
(b) Gallus' devotion to Christianity.
(c) Constantius Augustus, who encourages savagery among his men.
(d) His father, who favors Julian over Gallus.

2. Which of the two brothers find favor with Constantius?
(a) Gallus.
(b) Both boys.
(c) Julian.
(d) Neither of the two boys.

3. Julian spends 47 days in Athens:
(a) Training in the martial arts.
(b) Recovering from fever.
(c) Studying.
(d) Planning his Persian campaign.

4. Eventually, Eusebia persuades Constantius to:
(a) Appoint Julian as Caesar.
(b) Allow Julian to visit his father's gravesite.
(c) Overlook Julian's religious ambivalence.
(d) Stop persecuting Christians.

5. Julian's first winter in Gaul is spent:
(a) Building roads, bridges and tunnels for the army.
(b) Fighting minor skirmishes.
(c) Negotiating with local warlords for food and supplies.
(d) Fighting an all-out war against the Visigoths.

Short Answer Questions

1. Julian's feelings about his two children:

2. Libanius wants to publish Julian's memoirs and asks Priscus to do all of the following except:

3. After the death of the Bishop, Julian and Gallus agree to:

4. In his quest for power and authority, Julian continues in section XI to:

5. As he gains military success, Julian begins to see Constantius as:

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter V, Gallus is named Caesar and marries Constantius's sister, Constantia. Do you think this is a coincidence? How do you explain these two almost simultaneous occurrences?

2. Julian says he longs to be an ordinary student. Name and describe the roles of at least three people who encourage his scholarly ambition.

3. Julian first meets his cousin, Constantius, when he is 16. How does he prepare for the encounter and what is his reaction to the visit?

4. What do Basil and Gregory represent to Julian?

5. Why does Libanius seek to publish a manuscript about Julian 20 years after his death?

6. In Chapter V, Julian has a religious experience that has a great impact on his life. Explain.

7. Julian often claims that he dislikes the ritual, etiquette and intrigue of the royal court, that he does not seek to acquire rank or power, and that he longs only to become a scholar. Do you think this is true? Give evidence for your answer/

8. Describe Gallus' feelings toward his brother Julian.

9. Describe Julian's relationship with his brother, Gallus.

10. Julian loses many of the adults of his young life. Describe three of these losses and how they influence him as a youth.

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