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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After a disastrous famine, people blame:
(a) Constantia.
(b) God.
(c) Gallus.
(d) Theophilus.

2. When Julian learns that Eusebia is gravely ill:
(a) He makes no comment.
(b) He rushes to her bedside.
(c) He blames Constantius.
(d) He finds another mistress.

3. After he becomes Augustus, Julian fills his time with all of these activities except:
(a) Intellectual conversation.
(b) Military maneuvers.
(c) Writing a journal.
(d) Studying astronomy.

4. Constantius seems unsure about how to treat Julian, and the first thing he does is:
(a) Place him under house arrest.
(b) Order him to perform community service.
(c) Forbid him from visiting Eusebia.
(d) Order him to swear an oath of allegiance to Constantius.

5. Although he is intrigued by the deities, Julian also believes in:
(a) The Prophet, Mohammed.
(b) The Virgin Mary.
(c) One God.
(d) The Way.

6. The Heirophant of Greece is:
(a) The custodian of the mysteries of Eleusis.
(b) The de facto mayor of Athens.
(c) The personification of the sun god on earth.
(d) The emperor's ambassador to Greece.

7. After his wife's death, Julian takes a vow:
(a) Not to remarry for ten years.
(b) Of celibacy.
(c) To seek immediate medical attention if he is wounded.
(d) To re-commit to Christianity.

8. Despite the lack of support and supplies from Rome:
(a) Julian eventually defeats the Germans soundly.
(b) Julian's troops remain loyal and committed to him.
(c) Julian continues to pray to God for victory.
(d) The people of Gaul welcome Julian as a conquering hero.

9. Hilarius is:
(a) Julian's favorite fencing partner.
(b) Julian's favorite dancer.
(c) Julian's favorite magician.
(d) Julian's favorite groom.

10. Oribasius of Pergamom is:
(a) Constantius' scribe.
(b) Constantius' psychic.
(c) Constantius' eunuch.
(d) Constantius' physician.

11. Julian spends 47 days in Athens:
(a) Planning his Persian campaign.
(b) Recovering from fever.
(c) Training in the martial arts.
(d) Studying.

12. When Julian learns about the death of his child, he:
(a) Seems relieved because he does not really love Helena.
(b) Is shocked and heartbroken.
(c) Expresses no emotion about the incident.
(d) Feels sympathy for Helena's grief.

13. Julian's first winter in Gaul is spent:
(a) Negotiating with local warlords for food and supplies.
(b) Fighting minor skirmishes.
(c) Building roads, bridges and tunnels for the army.
(d) Fighting an all-out war against the Visigoths.

14. While the people of Gaul recover from the war between the Roman Empire and the Germans, Julian:
(a) Enjoys the company of many beautiful women in Paris.
(b) Tries to convert the populace to Hellenism.
(c) Allows his men to plunder the cities and rich farmlands.
(d) Attempts to keep the people's taxes low.

15. Alone at the baths, Julian meets all of these people except:
(a) Priscus.
(b) Gregory.
(c) Oribasius.
(d) Basil.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Julian talks about the future with Helena in section IX, she urges him to:

2. After he becomes emperor, Julian again faces the threat of invasion along his borders. This time, the threat is from:

3. As he grows older Gallus becomes more and more cruel. For this, Julian blames:

4. Through his military exploits, Julian's hopes to gain:

5. All of the following are factors in the plot to kill Julian except:

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