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Lesson 1 (from I)


This lesson introduces the characters of Libanius and Priscus. These two characters, now old men, know Julian when he is emperor of Rome and participates in his military campaigns. Thus they are characters in the story as well as narrators of the tale with their own points of view about Julian, about the political situation in Rome and about life in general. This lesson examines the two characters and their roles as storytellers.


Tasks, Ideas, Challenges and Homework

1 - Class: Discuss the two characters of Libanius and Priscus, who are old friends, former comrades in arms, and associates of Julian. What do they discuss in their correspondence? Are they in agreement about everything they discuss?

2 Groups: Discuss what Libanius wants to do and why. Does Priscus encourage or discourage him in his goal? Why? Discuss the personalities of the two men based on the information...

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