Julian Character Descriptions

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Although this character desires only to live the life of a simple scholar, this character becomes a great warrior, leader and emperor.

Constantius Augustus.

This character is a ruthless emperor who is responsible for the death of the main character's father and brother.

Libanius and Priscus.

These two old friends collaborate in writing a manuscript about the main character and his wartime exploits.


Spouse of an emperor, this character becomes the main character's champion and protector.


This character's spouse takes a vow of celibacy after s/he dies.


This character eventually admits to killing the main character 20 years after the fact.


This character meets the main character in Athens and later has a child who may be the main character's son.


This character is a tutor who instills a lifelong love of learning in the main character.


This character's spouse asks...

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