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• Libanius and Priscus exchange letters reminiscing about days gone by.

• Libanius plans to publish the Emperor Julian's memoirs under the title "On Avenging the Emperor Julian".

• Priscus agrees to contribute to the memoirs, adding details and making corrections, but he does not want his name associated with the project.

• In their letters, the two friends, now old men, discuss various other topics, including their health and sex lives, the new rulers of the land, and Julian's reign.


• Julian recalls his life as a youngster, his early love of learning, and his relationship with his beloved tutor, Mardonius.

• Julian has a dream about flying into the sun and thereafter believes the sun is his protector.

• Julian also recalls his father who is somewhat distant and shy around his son, but who nevertheless loves the boy dearly.

• Julian's father tells the manager of the family estate that Julian...

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