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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Noah tell Japheth to take the dove to the other animals?
(a) so the dove can tell the animals where dry land is.
(b) so the cats can eat the dove.
(c) so the other animals will not worry about the dove.
(d) so the dove can rest before going out again.

2. When does Hezdrel tell God to leave the battle area?
(a) after the battle is won.
(b) as daylight nears.
(c) in the middle of the night.
(d) when the bugle blows.

3. What does the Babylonian Court look like?
(a) a Southern Baptist church.
(b) a New Orleans nightclub.
(c) a Harlem theater.
(d) a Lodge meeting hall.

4. What trick finally gets Pharaoh to let Moses' people go?
(a) the plague of flies.
(b) Moses' rod turns into a snake.
(c) the stinging gnats.
(d) the death of the first born sons.

5. How long does Moses say he has been leading the people?
(a) for forty-four years.
(b) for forty years.
(c) for four years.
(d) for four centuries.

Short Answer Questions

1. When God appears to Noah on the deck, what does he say?

2. What does Moses' wife, Zipporah, suggest Moses do?

3. Who enters and tells everyone to stop the music and dancing?

4. What does God tell Gabriel he is thinking about?

5. What makes God say, "Yes!"

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Joshua lead the Hebrews across the River Jordan?

2. What does Moses tell God is the best trick he has ever seen?

3. What message does Hezdrel ask God to give to the people waiting in the hills?

4. What does Moses say to Pharaoh just before the last trick is performed?

5. What is happening on Earth as the play comes to an end?

6. Back in Sunday School, what does the audience hear preacher Deshee tell the children?

7. What does God say he will give Moses to make Pharaoh let the people leave Egypt?

8. What do the cleaning women suppose about God and his austere office?

9. When God appears in the Babylonian court, what does he say?

10. Discuss the made up character God finally goes to the window to see.

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