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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does God refuse Gabriel's offer of more thunderbolts?
(a) because he has his own.
(b) because he wants bigger ones.
(c) because his throwing arm is tired.
(d) because they are not doing any good.

2. What makes God say, "Yes!"
(a) Someone's come to save the world!
(b) Oh, dey crucify de Lawd!
(c) Isn't dat God's son?
(d) Oh, dat's a terrible burden for one man to carry!

3. Who does God keep waiting while he sits at his desk?
(a) Moses.
(b) Daniel.
(c) Gabriel.
(d) Hosea.

4. What is Moses doing when God arrives?
(a) drinking from a water well.
(b) trying to make a fire to cook his lunch.
(c) eating lunch in front of a turkey-berry bush.
(d) shearing his sheep.

5. Who enters and tells everyone to stop the music and dancing?
(a) God.
(b) a Prophet of God.
(c) the Queen.
(d) a Babylonian magician.

6. Who does God turn to next to save mankind?
(a) Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
(b) Peter, Paul, and Mary.
(c) Moses, Jacob, and Joseph.
(d) Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

7. Why is God angry with men again?
(a) they have stopped offering sacrifices.
(b) they do not attend church.
(c) they have made the devil king.
(d) they cannot get along with each other.

8. What is Moses' handicap when God comes to talk to him?
(a) he stutters.
(b) he lisps.
(c) he has poor eyesight.
(d) he is lame.

9. What trick finally gets Pharaoh to let Moses' people go?
(a) the death of the first born sons.
(b) the stinging gnats.
(c) Moses' rod turns into a snake.
(d) the plague of flies.

10. Who is in charge of cleaning God's office in heaven?
(a) Sunday School children.
(b) Gabriel and Michael.
(c) Adam and Eve.
(d) two women.

11. Why is Hezdrel not worried about Herod's burning the books?
(a) the books are sealed up in a fire proof vault.
(b) if the defenders are all dead, it doesn't make any difference.
(c) the books will not burn because of the paper they are on.
(d) the defenders have memorized them and have many copies.

12. Who is in the King's entourage?
(a) five preachers.
(b) five girls.
(c) twenty soldiers.
(d) Sunday School children.

13. Why does Noah tell Japheth to take the dove to the other animals?
(a) so the dove can tell the animals where dry land is.
(b) so the dove can rest before going out again.
(c) so the other animals will not worry about the dove.
(d) so the cats can eat the dove.

14. How many thunderbolts has Gabriel counted in the morning?
(a) 2,545.
(b) 18,960.
(c) 666.
(d) 749.

15. What happens to the turkey-berry bush?
(a) its leaves all fall off.
(b) it withers and dies.
(c) it blossoms.
(d) it begins to glow red.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Ham throws out he sounding line, what do they discover?

2. What is Hezdrel carrying when his soldiers come to him?

3. Why does Hezdrel tell God that the defenders are not afraid to die?

4. What is Noah's next job?

5. When Aaron arrives, what does God do?

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