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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does Cain feel he has been walking to get to the Land of Nod?
(a) 40 days.
(b) 40 hours.
(c) 40 years.
(d) 40 weeks.

2. What do Cain the Sixth and the gambling men do at the ark?
(a) shoot dice on the deck.
(b) laugh at it.
(c) shake their heads at it.
(d) help build it.

3. Where is heaven located?
(a) everywhere, except where Satan is.
(b) on the banks of the Mississippi.
(c) floating on a big cloud.
(d) under a huge apple tree.

4. Who is the couple who comes to make fun of Noah?
(a) Shem and Ham
(b) Soap 'n Water
(c) Gabriel and Rose
(d) Zeba and Flatfoot

5. What is Adam happy about as God approaches him?
(a) he is thrilled to be a fisherman.
(b) he likes having nothing to do.
(c) he enjoys picking cotton.
(d) he likes his line of work.

6. Why is God in Noah's house?
(a) to plan a revival.
(b) to get out of the rain.
(c) for dinner.
(d) for a prayer meeting.

7. How does the story Preacher Deshee tell differ from the Bible story of Cain and Abel?
(a) the Bible story gives no explanation for the murder.
(b) the Bible story had to do with sacrifices they made.
(c) the Bible story is about Cain killing Seth.
(d) the Bible story is exactly the same.

8. What can be seen inside the desk when it is open?
(a) various papers stuck in pigeonholes.
(b) a large ledger.
(c) a collection of quills and ink.
(d) a pair of dice.

9. Who announces the approach of God?
(a) Gabriel.
(b) preacher Deshee.
(c) Michael.
(d) the heavenly choir.

10. What does preacher Deshee call Cain?
(a) a surprise to Adam and Eve.
(b) a lazy boy.
(c) a tall fellow.
(d) a mean rascal.

11. What is everyone drinking at the fish fry?
(a) boiled custard.
(b) goats' milk.
(c) Kentucky bourbon.
(d) iced tea with mint.

12. What is the main item of furniture in God's office?
(a) a teakwood desk.
(b) a conference table.
(c) a battered roll top desk
(d) two apple crates and a door.

13. When does Noah recognize God?
(a) when God's face begins to shine.
(b) when God stands to his full height with a crash of lightning.
(c) when God lights his cigar without fire.
(d) after God has left his house.

14. How does Connelly describe the girl physically?
(a) very tiny.
(b) short and plump.
(c) tall and skinny.
(d) almost as big as Cain.

15. For whom did Cain mistake God?
(a) a cherub.
(b) a preacher.
(c) a policeman.
(d) an archangel.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the ark that Noah is to build, what does God finally allow Noah to have on board?

2. How is the girl dressed?

3. What does God do with a cigar?

4. What does Preacher Deshee say precipitated the argument between Cain and Abel?

5. What does Cain think God did to him?

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