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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is God wearing?
(a) a white tuxedo.
(b) a white shirt, white bow tie, and a Prince Albert coat.
(c) a white flowing robe.
(d) a pair of overalls and a red shirt.

2. How does God stop the angels from dancing on the moon?
(a) He turns the moon into cheese.
(b) He takes the moon out of the sky.
(c) He freezes the moon.
(d) He declares it a sin.

3. After talking awhile, where do Cain and the girl go?
(a) to the river to fish.
(b) to meet her folks.
(c) to a big city nightclub.
(d) to find a preacher.

4. What pleases Adam after he gets used to being a man?
(a) how his eyes can see.
(b) how his muscles move.
(c) how his ears work.
(d) how his clothes look.

5. What does the girl call God?
(a) Limber Lips.
(b) Tall and handsome.
(c) Banjo Eyes.
(d) Honey Boy.

6. What has Cain done to his brother?
(a) painted his face.
(b) killed him with a rock.
(c) tied him up.
(d) beat him up.

7. Who does the girl say she is?
(a) Abel's great-great granddaughter.
(b) Seth's great-great granddaughter.
(c) Adam's great-great granddaughter.
(d) Cain's great-great granddaughter.

8. What does God tell Adam and Eve to do?
(a) build a fence around their place to keep Cain out.
(b) have Seth and more children.
(c) move to another country.
(d) forget they ever had Cain.

9. When God tells the girl she is on her way to Hell, what does she reply?
(a) she is on her way to the city.
(b) she is on her way to a picnic.
(c) she is on her way to church.
(d) she is on her way to college.

10. For whom did Cain mistake God?
(a) an archangel.
(b) a cherub.
(c) a preacher.
(d) a policeman.

11. What is so odd to the people about the ark?
(a) it is too small for all the animals.
(b) it is nowhere near any water.
(c) it is shaped like a bowl.
(d) it is too big to float.

12. Why do they not want to bury Flatfoot?
(a) they think he isn't really dead.
(b) they are too lazy.
(c) they fear Cain the Sixth.
(d) they say he was no good.

13. What is preacher Deshee doing as the play begins?
(a) talking to the ladies sewing circle.
(b) trying to round up children for Sunday School.
(c) preaching to the gathered congregation.
(d) teaching a Sunday School lesson to ten children.

14. What does God tell Cain to do?
(a) find a wife and have children.
(b) live with the monkeys.
(c) eat insects and honey.
(d) live in a cave.

15. What does the choir sing as Cain exits?
(a) Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
(b) Run, Sinner, Run
(c) Go Down Moses
(d) Land Across the Jordan

Short Answer Questions

1. What does God call Cain's action?

2. Where is the girl who calls out to Cain?

3. What has the boy that God lifts by his ear been doing on Sunday?

4. Who is the couple who comes to make fun of Noah?

5. Why is God in Noah's house?

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