The Green Pastures Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Explain the setting for the play.

The play is set in Louisiana in the 1920s at a gathering of a black congregation for a church picnic.

2. What is unique about THE GREEN PASTURES for its day?

It is a play about black Christian concepts to be performed by an all black cast.

3. What is the point of view for the plot to proceed?

It is a Sunday School class of ten children and the scenes that follow will be the way they depict the stories preacher Deshee tells.

4. How does preacher Deshee describe God when the children want to know what he looks like?

He describes him as a distinguished black preacher.

5. What are the angels doing at the fish fry in heaven?

They are frying catfish, baking biscuits and corn bread, and making boiled custard to drink.

6. Describe the landscape of heaven as seen by the children.

It is everywhere except where Satan is and includes a lake where the men catch catfish.

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