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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Scene 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cain say Abel called him?
(a) a dirty farmer.
(b) a fat pig.
(c) a brainless fool.
(d) an ugly duckling.

2. When the firmament makes everyone wet, what does God create?
(a) the Earth and the Sun to dry off the angels' wings.
(b) the Desert to dry off the angels' wings.
(c) the Wind to dry off the angels' wings.
(d) a tent for the outdoor meeting.

3. How is this Adam different from the story in the Bible?
(a) he is wearing work clothes.
(b) he is accompanied by several women.
(c) he is short and ugly.
(d) he has wings like the angels.

4. Far away from God, what does Cain see?
(a) a sign that says Strangers Beware.
(b) a sign that says Next Rest Stop 100 Miles.
(c) a sign that says Detour to Nod Parish.
(d) a sign that says Land of Nod, Parish Line.

5. What theatrical device is used to bring Eve onto the stage?
(a) a smoke bomb goes off.
(b) the curtain closes and reopens.
(c) the lights dim and come back up again.
(d) a trap door lifts her out onto the stage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Back in the Sunday School class, what does a girl tell preacher Deshee that Adam and Eve did?

2. What is the setting for the opening scene of the play?

3. What is Carlisle's first question to preacher Deshee?

4. What does preacher Deshee call Cain?

5. What does God do to Abel?

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