The Green Pastures Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Part 1, Scene 1

1. What is the setting for the opening scene of the play?
(a) a Southern African American church social.
(b) the creation of the Earth.
(c) a big reunion in Heaven.
(d) a Baptist Sunday School.

2. What is preacher Deshee doing as the play begins?
(a) talking to the ladies sewing circle.
(b) preaching to the gathered congregation.
(c) trying to round up children for Sunday School.
(d) teaching a Sunday School lesson to ten children.

3. How are the children described?
(a) as having various attention levels and vivid imaginations.
(b) as ranging in age from two to twenty-one.
(c) as being unable to imagine what Deshee is telling them.
(d) as being well behaved and listening intently.

4. How does preacher Deshee begin his lesson?
(a) with the book of Job.
(b) with a reading from the New Testament.
(c) with the first five books of the Bible.
(d) with a prayer and a spiritual hymn.

5. How do the children disturb preacher Deshee?
(a) by fanning themselves.
(b) by laughing too much.
(c) by giving wrong answers.
(d) with their questions.

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