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Watch selected scenes from the DVD of the 1936 film, THE GREEN PASTURES.

Costume Display

Find photos or drawings of the types of costumes mentioned in THE GREEN PASTURES. Make copies to put up on the wall of the classroom.

Hierarchy Picture of the Times

View the early scene from SHOWBOAT where it is quitting time on the plantation. Discuss this scene in terms of hierarchy among the black workers.

Create a Bible Story

Write a short Bible story in the style of THE GREEN PASTURES not included in the play to present in class as readers theater.

Create a New Cast

Get a class artist to draw a poster of the bodies of God, Noah, Mrs. Noah, Zeba, and Cain the Sixth. Then find faces of current actors to glue onto the characters. [Suggestions: Morgan Freeman as God, Vanessa Williams as Zeba]

Who Am I?

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