The Green Pastures Character Descriptions

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The first man created by God to inhabit the newly created Earth and to cultivate the land.


Older than the other angels he has a white beard and his wings are a trifle more imposing.


The first born son of Adam and Eve, he is the first criminal.

Reverand Deshee

The preacher who teaches Sunday School to the children in a Louisiana town.


She is created by God so that Adam will have a family with whom he can live.


God's right-hand man. He is described as bigger and more elaborately winged than even the Archangel, but younger and without a beard.


The tallest and biggest of all the inhabitants of Heaven. His costume includes a white shirt with a white bow tie, a long Prince Albert coat of black alpaca, black trousers, and congress gaiters.


He is chosen by God...

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