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Part 1, Scene 1

• The setting shows that the angels in heaven are having a fish fry.

• Children are in Sunday School taught by preacher Deshee who begins with the first five books of the Bible.

• The story appears to be the Negro ideas about the Bible circa 1920.
• The children are somewhat unruly, pestering preacher Deshee with endless questions.

• Deshee explains that God looks like a typical black preacher.

• As Deshee speaks, the children begin to picture the stories based on their limited experience.

Part 1, Scene 2

• The fish fry reflects the religious practices of the black Christian community, placing in Heaven what they enjoy on Earth.

• Background music for the play consists of a choir singing old Christian hymns still heard today in black churches.

• An Archangel passes out Sunday School certificates among the children at the fish fry.
• The Angel Gabriel makes his first appearance--large, elaborately dressed, and with...

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