Foundation and Earth Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. At the beginning of the novel, what former decision does Trevize question?

Trevize questions his own decision that all of humankind should become part of Gaia.

2. What is Trevize's initial objection to his friend accompanying him on his search?

Trevize initially objects to Pelorat accompanying him because Pelorat is involved in a relationship with Bliss, a Gaian.

3. When was Gaia first formed?

Gaia was first formed around eighteen thousand years ago, when space travel was relatively new.

4. Why are the oldest records of Gaia stored in inanimate, inaccessible locations?

The oldest records are seldom needed, so they are stored in little-accessed mineral areas, such as rocks and mountains.

5. Why does Trevize question the reason for a large crowd watching the spaceship take off?

Trevize knows that the Gaians can all experience each other's memories and consciousness, so he wonders why multiple people need to witness the event.

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