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Design a Culture

Create your own planet, originally settled by Earth thousands of years ago. What is the planet like? How have people living there changed? What is their culture like?

Visit to Earth

Earth is radioactive, but you've found a way to visit safely. Describe your visit to Earth and what has happened there since it's become uninhabitable.

Being a Gaian

Write a poem or song from the point of view of a Gaian experiencing both the rain and the flowers being rained upon.

Gaia versus Solaria

Write a dialogue between Bander and Bliss, arguing whether it's better to be completely isolated or completely joined with others.

Myth of Earth

Write your own surviving myth that Trevize might find on one of the planets he visits, describing what has happened to Earth.

Earth Travel Poster

You're a promoter who has established a luxury vacation resort orbiting Earth...

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