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Gaia - The Search Begins

• Trevize decides to leave Gaia, a planet of a single consciousness, on a quest to find Earth and discover whether his decision that all humans should become Gaia is the wrong one.
• Trevize's friend Pelorat, who has studied myths of Earth, and Pelorat's Gaian lover, Bliss, decide to accompany Trevize in the technologically advanced Far Star.

Gaia - Tioward Comporellon

• Trevize, Pelorat, and Bliss take off from Gaia in the Far Star, heading toward Comporellon.
• Trevize is somewhat hostile toward Bliss, distrustful of the communal consciousness of Gaia, and he instructs Pelorat and Bliss not to let him notice their physical relationship during the trip.

Comporellon - At the Entry Station

• The Far Star is stopped at an entry station to Comporellon, and Trevize lies to the border guard to let them through despite Bliss having no official papers.
• The border guard lets...

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