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Harlan Coben
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Short Answer Questions

1. What information does Esperanza request to investigate her theory about the link between Carla and the blackmail of Greg Downing?

2. Who is going to have Greg Downing's baby?

3. Where do the B Man and two of his thugs show up to find Myron in Chapter Twenty Three?

4. Who does Myron think is Cole Whiteman, the leader of the Ravens Brigade?

5. What does Myron realize about his playing ability in Chapter Twenty Six?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence seems to indicate Emily Downing as Carla's killer and how does Emily explain this evidence to Myron in Chapter Thirty One?

2. Describe Myron's relationship with his parents.

3. What does Clip's statement in Chapter Twenty Four about Greg Downing having learned his lesson about violence years before foreshadow?

4. What in Chapter Twenty Nine lets Myron know that Esperanza is trying to be nice to him after his bad game the previous day?

5. What does the bat found behind Greg Downing's dryer and the fingerprints found at Carla's apartment indicate about Downing's possible involvement in her murder?

6. Who does Cole Whiteman tell Myron he saw coming in and out of Carla's apartment on the day of her murder and what convinces Whiteman that Greg Downing is not Carla's killer?

7. Describe Myron's playing in the Dragons game in Chapter Twenty Six and how the crowd reacts to it.

8. What happens when the B Man visits Myron at his office in Chapter Twenty-Three?

9. What facts in Chapter Twenty Two make Esperanza think Clip Arnstein knows more about Greg Downing's disappearance and Liz Gorman's murder than he has revealed?

10. Explain how Win determines Clip Arnstein is lying about knowing Sally or Carla.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the humor in Fade Away. What characters and other aspects of the novel contribute to the novel's humorous tone? In what ways do you think humor strengthens the plot or characterization in the novel? Is humor a typical or atypical component of a mystery novel? Cite examples from the text to support your arguments.

Essay Topic 2

Fade Away takes place in present day New Jersey in the cultural milieu of professional basketball. Discuss how the geographical, chronological, and cultural settings affect the story and how the characters and story might differ if Harlan Coben had set the novel in in a different chronological or cultural setting. Cite examples from the text to support your arguments.

Essay Topic 3

Greg Downing and T.C. Collins are star players for the New Jersey Dragons. Compare and contrast the ways they react to their fame. What are the drawbacks, if any, to their superstar status? What are the perks of their superstar status? Does their celebrity status affect their morality in any way? What do you think the author of the novel is trying to say about the celebrity status of professional athletes and the effects of celebrity on athletes through his depiction of these two characters? Cite examples from the text to support your arguments.

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