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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the blackmailer wearing over his head when he meets Myron?
(a) A ski mask.
(b) A plastic Mardi Gras mask.
(c) A plastic garbage bag with eye holes cut out of it.
(d) A paper sack with eye holes cut out of it.

2. What happens when the coach puts Myron into the game in Chapter Twenty Six?
(a) Myron injures his knee again.
(b) Myron scores numerous baskets.
(c) Myron is afraid to play and has a panic attack.
(d) The man Myron guards scores 11 points.

3. How did Greg Downing tell the B Man he was going to get the money to pay his gambling debts?
(a) With money from an endorsement deal.
(b) From the sale of his luxurious home and cars.
(c) From his divorce settlement from his wealthy wife.
(d) From his new contract signing bonus.

4. How does Myron respond when Dimonte asks if Myron recognizes the killer in the video?
(a) He identifies the woman as Esperanza.
(b) He idenfies the woman as Audrey Wilson.
(c) He lies and denies recognizing the woman.
(d) He identifies the woman as Emily Downing.

5. Who is Sidney Bowman?
(a) A member of the Dragons basketball team.
(b) One of Emily Downing's old boyfriends.
(c) A professor from whom Carla rents her apartment.
(d) A member of the Raven Brigade.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the way to the arena at the beginning of Chapter Four, to what kind of music do Win and Myron listen?

2. How much money does Greg Downing owe the B Man for his gambling debts?

3. What is the crowd's reaction to Myron's playing in Chapter Twenty Six?

4. How much does Myron's caller want Myron to pay for what the caller claims to have?

5. Who does Myron think called him with the electronically altered voice?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Myron find out about Fiona White's involvement with Greg Downing?

2. What in Chapter Twenty Nine lets Myron know that Esperanza is trying to be nice to him after his bad game the previous day?

3. What does Esperanza think brought Carla/Sally to New York?

4. What shocking secret is revealed on the tape Cole Whiteman sends Myron?

5. What does the bat found behind Greg Downing's dryer and the fingerprints found at Carla's apartment indicate about Downing's possible involvement in her murder?

6. Why does Esperanza become concerned about Myron when she receives the list of people whose safe-deposit boxes were robbed in Tucson?

7. How does Myron think Leon White's wife, Fiona, might be involved with Greg Downing?

8. Describe Myron's playing in the Dragons game in Chapter Twenty Six and how the crowd reacts to it.

9. What does Clip's statement in Chapter Twenty Four about Greg Downing having learned his lesson about violence years before foreshadow?

10. Is there any evidence in the novel that Myron might still have feelings for Emily Downing?

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