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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Carla's real name?
(a) Alicia Philbert.
(b) Myra Kennedy.
(c) Pamela Crushanks.
(d) Liz Gorman.

2. How does the Dragons' official press release explain Greg Downing's disappearance?
(a) It says Greg got married and is on a honeymoon.
(b) It says Greg has the flu.
(c) It says Greg has an injured ankle and is in rehab.
(d) It says Greg is recovering from an automobile wreck.

3. What place does Myron visit in Chapter Eleven that has a sign outside it that says "do not feed the rats"?
(a) The Parkview Diner.
(b) Myron's bedroom.
(c) Carla's apartment house.
(d) Myron's office.

4. How is the company for which Maggie Mason works related to Greg's disappearance?
(a) Greg and Maggie were romantically involved.
(b) Greg owed money to the company's owner.
(c) Greg invested and lost money with the company.
(d) Greg's last call before disappearing was to her company.

5. What do the Smeltmans tell Myron's parents in Chapter Eight that Myron's mother thinks Myron should have told them?
(a) That Myron is engaged.
(b) That Myron is playing pro basketball for the Dragons.
(c) That Greg Downing is missing.
(d) That Myron is broke.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Win and Myron find blood at the end of Chapter Three?

2. Where does Myron live?

3. Who drafted Myron to the Boston Celtics ten years ago?

4. What conclusion do the items in Carla's apartment lead Myron and Dimonte to come to about her death?

5. What is Esperanza studying at night at NYU?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does TC Collins think about fame and why does he act and dress so outrageously, i.e. with multiple tattoos and piercings?

2. Describe the rivalry between Myron and Greg Downing.

3. Explain what's ironic about the crowd chanting Myron's name and wanting him in the game the first night he plays for the Dragons.

4. Describe Myron's relationship with Jessica.

5. Why doesn't the New Jersey Dragons team want word of Greg's disappearance to leak to the press and what story do they use in the media to explain the fact that Greg is missing?

6. What does Esperanza tell Myron in Chapter Nine about the blood found on Greg's wall and what does this fact indicate about the source of the blood?

7. Why does Esperanza say she does not go to see Myron play with the Dragons and does Myron seem to agree or disagree with her feelings about his return to basketball?

8. Describe Myron Bolitar's professional credentials and the kind of work he does.

9. What is Myron's history as a professional basketball player and what are the pros and cons of signing him as a player for the Dragons while he is investigating Greg Downing's disappearance?

10. When Carla/Sally is found murdered, what things are found at her apartment and what do these things indicate about the dead woman?

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