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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What degree black belt does Win have in tae kwon do?
(a) A sixth degree.
(b) A second degree.
(c) A fifth degree.
(d) A first degree.

2. What does the B Man threaten to do to Myron?
(a) Kidnap and murder his girlfriend Jessica.
(b) Tear his kneecap.
(c) Hold him prisoner until Greg Downing reappears.
(d) Ruin his reputation with the media.

3. In what two languages is the "do not feed the rats" sign written?
(a) English and Spanish.
(b) German and French.
(c) Spanish and Portuguese.
(d) English and Italian.

4. After the B Man and his driver flee, what does Win do when the man holding Myron hostage refuses to drop his gun?
(a) Summons a doberman to chase the man.
(b) Uses martial arts to disarm the man.
(c) Tells Myron to run.
(d) Shoots the man in the face.

5. Who does Esperanza say she wants to hire to help out in the office while Myron plays basketball for the Dragons?
(a) Leon White.
(b) Big Cyndi, her former wrestling partner.
(c) Jessica.
(d) Audrey Wilson.

6. How do Win and Myron enter Greg's house in Chapter Three?
(a) Greg opens the door and lets them in.
(b) Emily gives Myron her spare key.
(c) They break into it.
(d) Greg's father has a key and lets them in.

7. As he steps inside Carla's apartment, what is Myron's first clue that Carla is dead?
(a) He sees bullet holes in the walls.
(b) He sees blood everywhere.
(c) He sees a gun and a trail of blood on the carpet.
(d) He smells a terrible odor.

8. What is the nickname of Kip Corovan, one of the Dragons' assistant coaches?
(a) Champ.
(b) Clipboard.
(c) Coro.
(d) Kipper.

9. Which martial art is not one that Win studies?
(a) Animal kung fu.
(b) Brazilian jujitsu.
(c) Jeet Kun Do.
(d) Karate.

10. How many children does Emily have?
(a) None.
(b) Two, a boy and a girl.
(c) Three, two girls and a boy.
(d) One, a boy.

11. At the beginning of Chapter Sixteen, what does Audrey tell Myron she thinks is the reason the Dragons signed him?
(a) To find Greg Downing.
(b) To guarantee that the Dragons lose.
(c) To lead the Dragons to a championship.
(d) To generate publicity for the team.

12. Who tells Myron in Chapter Six that he won't get into a game unless it's a blowout?
(a) Clip Arnstein.
(b) Kip Corovan.
(c) Donny Walsh.
(d) Leon White.

13. Where do Win and Myron find blood at the end of Chapter Three?
(a) In Greg's car.
(b) In Greg's basement.
(c) In Myron's office.
(d) At Jessica's apartment.

14. What degree black belt does Myron have in tae kwon do?
(a) A first degree.
(b) A second degree.
(c) A fourth degree.
(d) A third degree.

15. How old is Myron?
(a) Twenty.
(b) Thirty-two.
(c) Forty.
(d) Thirty-five.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter Fourteen, what does Dimonte ask about the people with whom Greg Downing hangs out?

2. How did the B Man get his nickname?

3. Where does Myron live?

4. Which of the following statements is not a way Emily's appearance has changed since Myron has last seen her?

5. Who helps Myron recuperate from his attack in Chapter Eight?

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