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Harlan Coben
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 37-42.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of car does Dimonte drive?
(a) A silver Stingray.
(b) A gold Ford Mustang.
(c) A red Corvette.
(d) A black Toyota Camry.

2. Who is going to have Greg Downing's baby?
(a) Fiona White.
(b) Emily Downing.
(c) Maggie Mason.
(d) Audrey Wilson.

3. What does Dimonte call Myron to tell him at the end of Chapter Thirty?
(a) That he has a video of the killer leaving Carla's apartment.
(b) That Carla's killer is not Greg Downing.
(c) That the B. Man is Carla's killer and he has proof.
(d) That he has found Greg Downing.

4. What does Win tell Myron that watching the video replay of his knee injury might give him?
(a) Knowledge of whether his injury was accidental or not.
(b) Closure over the incident.
(c) Realization he was never meant to play pro basketball.
(d) A desire for revenge against Burt Wesson.

5. What word or phrase do Win and Myron use instead of hello when answering their phones?
(a) "Speak to me."
(b) "Articulate."
(c) "What's up?"
(d) "So talk already."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who calls Myron while Audrey Wilson is with him to overhear in Chapter Thirty Seven?

2. What do Dimonte and Myron find behind the dryer at Greg Downing's house in Chapter Twenty One?

3. Who offers to take Myron to Carla's apartment?

4. What is the B Man's specialty?

5. What does Myron tell Calvin about the blackmailer?

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