Objects & Places from Fade Away

Harlan Coben
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New Jersey Dragons

This organization is a professional basketball team.

Meadowlands Arena

This location is where professional teams play basketball.

MB SportsReps

This organization is the sports management agency that the protagonist owns.

The Raven Brigade

This organization is a radical group from the Sixties accused of having murdered a man during a botched kidnapping; the remaining four members have been on the run ever since.

Locke-Horn Securites

This organization is the investment firm of which the protagonist's best friend is president.

Forte Sneakers

This organization is the shoe company with which a star basketball player signs an endorsement deal.


This organization is the Fabulous Ladies of Wrestling.

Kimmel Brothers

This organization is an investment firm. The last phone call made from the missing basketball star is to this organization.

Columbia University

This location is where a sympathizer of a radical group from the...

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