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Mark Kurlansky
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who outlawed the Basque language?
(a) Francisco Franco.
(b) Juan Carlos.
(c) Ricardo Sáenz de Ynestrillas Pérez.
(d) Archduke Ferdinand.

2. If hauled up from freezing water, cod will _____ because of a protein they produce.
(a) Explode.
(b) Implode.
(c) Crystallize.
(d) Turn to jelly.

3. What color of the meat of a cod is the result of sluggish muscle tissue?
(a) Pink.
(b) White.
(c) Yellow.
(d) Gray.

4. What is the throat of the cod called?
(a) The gargle.
(b) The gullet.
(c) The tonsil.
(d) The tongue.

5. What are the best shore spaces for drying catch called?
(a) Line shacks.
(b) Salt caves.
(c) Fishing rooms.
(d) Sloops.

6. "In gadiform fish, evolution is seen in the _____."
(a) Gills.
(b) Eyes.
(c) Fins.
(d) Tails.

7. John Cabot claimed what land for England?
(a) Nova Scotia.
(b) Massachusetts.
(c) Newfoundland.
(d) Maine.

8. In 1598, with whom were the Catholics at war?
(a) The Huguenots.
(b) The Lutherans.
(c) The Hanseatics.
(d) The Hussars.

9. What were lobsters considered to be by the Pilgrims?
(a) Delicacies.
(b) Sea monsters.
(c) Pets.
(d) Pests.

10. What was the Northern European product called when winter fish is dried without salting?
(a) Ling cod.
(b) Kippering.
(c) Smelting.
(d) Stockfish.

11. Who believed that if Britain lost its Newfoundland fishing ships based in Plymouth alone, it would be the greatest blow the country has ever been given?
(a) John Smith.
(b) Christopher Columbus.
(c) Sir Walter Raleigh.
(d) John Cabot.

12. The word for fresh cod in French is ____.
(a) Cot.
(b) Cambraid.
(c) Cabillaud.
(d) Caude.

13. What was the premier French fishing port in Newfoundland in the early 16th century?
(a) Le Grys.
(b) La Rochelle.
(c) Le Cygne.
(d) Bayonne.

14. What is the Basque language called?
(a) Euskera.
(b) Latinia.
(c) Basquian.
(d) Esperanza.

15. Which now-extinct bird would flock overhead and darken the sky in 16th century North America?
(a) Lorikeets.
(b) Mariana mallards.
(c) White-winged sandpipers.
(d) Passenger pigeons.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was murdered in the Icelandic fishing station of Grindavík in 1532?

2. What do New Englanders call smaller thin-shelled quahogs?

3. What is the name of the only tropical cod that remains today?

4. Where were slaves purchased with cured cod?

5. What is the Anglo-Saxon word that means "a place that has salt"?

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