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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Claudia take advantage of that Jamie did not?
(a) Take a bath in the black bathtub
(b) Wash her hands
(c) Help to make macaroni and cheese
(d) Eat lunch

2. Which of the following was NOT one of the three things the museum said about the statue?
(a) It was a forgery
(b) Michelangelo sculpted the statue
(c) The stamp was not accurate
(d) One of his artisans sculpted it and used his stamp

3. Why did Claudia and Jamie decide they could not deliver the letter themselves?
(a) They couldn't risk being recognized
(b) They were afraid of the director
(c) They were afraid they'd be sent home
(d) They didn't know where the director's office was located

4. What were the children planning on doing at the museum on Sunday?
(a) Playing games
(b) Going out for breakfast
(c) Going to the library
(d) Examining the statue

5. Which of the following senses helped Claudia and Jamie the most during their time in the bathroom?
(a) Hearing
(b) Touch
(c) Smell
(d) Sight

6. Where did Claudia and Jamie go after they left Grand Central Station and found no letter?
(a) To see Mrs. Frankweiler
(b) United Nations building
(c) Museum
(d) Library

7. Where did Claudia and Jamie go once the museum opened?
(a) Bookstore
(b) Children's library
(c) Newstand
(d) Library

8. What did Claudia do to Jamie to keep him from talking?
(a) Gag him
(b) Elbow him in the gut
(c) Clamp his head over his mouth
(d) Kick him in the knee

9. What was the first question that Mrs. Frankweiler asked the children?
(a) If they had been living in the museum
(b) What they were doing there
(c) If they were the children missing from Greenwich
(d) If they wanted money from her

10. Which of the following was NOT included in the letter from the museum director?
(a) Thanking them for their interest
(b) Thanking them for their suggestion about the clue
(c) Possibilities for the statue
(d) Request to meet with them

11. What did Claudia and Jamie do over lunch?
(a) Discussed how to get home
(b) Discussed how to save the statue
(c) Discussed how to notify the museum about the mark
(d) Discussed how to get the reward money

12. What was Mrs. Frankweiler's house filled with that reminds Claudia and Jamie of the museum?
(a) Books
(b) Filing cabinets
(c) Antiques
(d) Stores

13. What did the tour guide do that Claudia imitated after the tour?
(a) Talked in a special way
(b) Use a foreign language
(c) Walked in a special way
(d) Laughed in a unique way

14. In what way do Jamie and Claudia decide to deliver the letter?
(a) Messenger
(b) Post office box
(c) Leave it on the desk when the museum is closed
(d) Mailed

15. How did Jamie think he could warn Claudia about the workers?
(a) Notes through the window
(b) Phone message
(c) Telepathy
(d) Whispering

Short Answer Questions

1. What time did the workers normally leave the museum?

2. What disappointed Claudia when they returned to Grand Central Station in the morning?

3. Which of the following was another one of the reasons Jamie used to convince Claudia to deliver the letter in person?

4. Which of the following descriptors did Jamie and Claudia discuss and decide did not pertain to them?

5. Which of the following words/phrases does NOT describe Mrs. Frankweiler's house?

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