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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Claudia and Jamie not rent the post office box?
(a) They are not old enough to rent one
(b) Claudia thinks it costs too much money
(c) Jamie thinks it costs too much money
(d) Jamie thinks it is too far to travel

2. Where did Claudia and Jamie meet after they waited in the bathroom extra long?
(a) Angel statue
(b) Bedroom
(c) Snack bar
(d) Outside of the bathrooms

3. Where did Jamie and Claudia go after leaving the UN?
(a) Back to the museum
(b) Back to Grand Central Station
(c) Back to their home
(d) Back to the library

4. Which of the following was another one of the reasons Jamie used to convince Claudia to deliver the letter in person?
(a) Hiding does not become public knowledge
(b) Prevents their parents from finding them
(c) Secret stays safe
(d) Faster answer

5. When did the children decide they would begin their investigation?
(a) Monday night
(b) Monday morning
(c) Sunday morning
(d) Saturday night

6. After the children reached the statue, what happened?
(a) They heard footsteps
(b) They found that the statue was missing
(c) They examined it for fingerprints
(d) They were found by a guard

7. Where did Claudia and Jamie take their baths?
(a) In the fountain
(b) In the snack bar sink
(c) In the bathroom sink
(d) At the laundromat

8. This chapter contained which of the following literary devices?
(a) Hyperbole
(b) Metaphor
(c) Simile
(d) Miniclimax

9. What would probably have happened if Claudia and Jamie had not found the mystery of the statue?
(a) Would have destroyed things in the museum
(b) Would have moved on to another location
(c) Would have been bored
(d) Would have been found

10. What was Mrs. Frankweiler's house filled with that reminds Claudia and Jamie of the museum?
(a) Filing cabinets
(b) Books
(c) Antiques
(d) Stores

11. Where did Jamie suggest they go instead of Claudia's suggestion?
(a) Chapel in museum
(b) Library
(c) Laundromat
(d) Home

12. What did the tour guide do that Claudia imitated after the tour?
(a) Talked in a special way
(b) Laughed in a unique way
(c) Walked in a special way
(d) Use a foreign language

13. Which word could be used to describe the reactions of the children in the bathroom when the workers were late leaving?
(a) Mental telepathy
(b) Dramatic irony
(c) Hyperbole
(d) Commonsense

14. Which of the following literary terms is found in this chapter?
(a) Tension
(b) Irony
(c) Hyperbole
(d) Personification

15. After three days, what did the children decide they were in need of?
(a) Answers to the statue mystery
(b) Clean clothes
(c) More food
(d) More money

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Claudia take advantage of that Jamie did not?

2. Where did Claudia and Jamie go first thing in the morning?

3. What time did the workers normally leave the museum?

4. What was the first question that Mrs. Frankweiler asked the children?

5. What did Mrs. Frankweiler assure the children?

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