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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why were Jamie and Claudia in such a hurry to get dressed in the morning?
(a) It was cold in the museum
(b) They heard guards coming
(c) They slept late and knew the museum would be opening
(d) They needed to get home

2. What does Claudia want to do?
(a) Move in with her grandmother
(b) Run away
(c) Have a new baby sister
(d) Visit the city

3. Where did the statue come from?
(a) Another gallary in New York City
(b) Michelangelo
(c) Another museum
(d) Mrs. Basil Frankweiler

4. Which of the following is the best definition of files as used in the title of this novel?
(a) Folders
(b) Rubs
(c) Records
(d) Reports

5. Which of the following places was NOT an area where Claudia and James hid their belongings?
(a) Inside an urn
(b) In a sarcophagus
(c) Under the bedspread of their bed
(d) Behind a tapestry screen

6. Who does Claudia tell her parents not to call in her letter?
(a) FBI
(b) Police
(c) School
(d) CIA

7. Where do Claudia and Jamie sit on the bus on Wednesday morning?
(a) Opposite sides
(b) Back
(c) Front
(d) Middle

8. The angel mystery is which literary characteristic?
(a) Confusion
(b) Subplot
(c) Protagonist
(d) Plot

9. What does Claudia appoint Jamie to be?
(a) Map maker
(b) Leader
(c) Compass leader
(d) Treasurer

10. When did the children decide they would have to do their investigative work?
(a) At night
(b) They couldn't investigate because the lines were too long
(c) In the morning
(d) During the afternoon

11. What day of the week do Claudia and Jamie plan to run away on?
(a) Wednesday
(b) Saturday
(c) Tuesday
(d) Friday

12. Which of the following is the best choice to describe how Jamie felt about Claudia's mandate?
(a) Dislikes
(b) Fondness
(c) Prediliction
(d) Likes

13. Which of the following items do Claudia and Jamie NOT leave up front in the museum?
(a) Instrument cases
(b) Book Bags
(c) Claudia's jacket
(d) Money

14. Which of the following reasons can the reader assume leads Claudia to the belief that she is better than Jamie?
(a) She planned better than he does
(b) She is female
(c) She is older
(d) She does not believe she is better than Jamie

15. Besides the money, what other item did Jamie choose to bring on the adventure?
(a) Compass
(b) Wallet
(c) Pet Rock
(d) Watch

Short Answer Questions

1. How were Claudia and Jamie sure to not be seen while the museum was being closed?

2. Which of the following is the best synonym for attorney?

3. Which of the following characters is the protagonist in this novel?

4. Which of the following literary devices describes the main character?

5. Where does Jamie try to convince Claudia to hang out rather than where she has chosen?

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