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George Martin
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As described early in Chapter 8, what was one of the main reasons George Martin enjoyed working with the Beatles?
(a) He became a multi-millionaire.
(b) He earned the respect of his mentors.
(c) Their success won him artistic freedom.
(d) Their success allowed him to retire early.

2. During the Beatles' first visit to America, according to George Martin in Chapter 9, what did some middle-aged men on Fifth Avenue wear to show they were in tune?
(a) Collarless suits.
(b) Skinny-legged pants.
(c) Beatle wigs.
(d) Beatle t-shirts.

3. What password did the Beatles invent, to warn each other about dubious fans approaching?
(a) Pepper.
(b) Cripples.
(c) Meanies.
(d) Gizmo.

4. Engelbert Humperdinck's single, "Release Me," prevented which double-A-side Beatles record from reaching number one?
(a) "Penny Lane" and "Paperback Writer".
(b) "Paperback Writer" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".
(c) "Yesterday" and "Strawberry Fields".
(d) "Penny Lane" and "Strawberry Fields".

5. At the British Embassy in 1964, what did one Beatle fan do to Ringo Starr?
(a) Steal his wallet.
(b) Propose.
(c) Snip off a piece of his hair.
(d) Kiss him.

Short Answer Questions

1. George Martin and his second wife, Judy Lockhart-Smith, attended the Beatles' fancy dress party for "Magical Mystery Tour" as what characters?

2. As described in Chapter 14, AIR built its first studio where?

3. What sound near the end of "Good Morning" sounded remarkably like the guitar at the beginning of "Sergeant Pepper", allowing for an easy fusion of "Good Morning" and the "Sergeant Pepper Reprise"?

4. In the movie, "Yellow Submarine", what sound effect did George Martin contrive for the enormous monster that sucked up the yellow submarine and, eventually, the movie screen?

5. How, according to George Martin, does a computer multiply 17 by 32?

Short Essay Questions

1. What sorts of diversions did the Beatles create, in order to get in and out of their hotel rooms in the U.S.?

2. How is a compressor used in a recording studio?

3. What does George Martin define as the golden treadmill?

4. Discuss two innovations predicted by George Martin in Chapter 15 that have since become reality.

5. What was the first film scored by George Martin, and why does he refer to the process as a nightmare?

6. Briefly describe the controversy surrounding John Lennon's comparison of the Beatles and Jesus.

7. What album does George Martin consider to be the classic example of what can be achieved by a talented amateur with multi-track equipment?

8. How does George Martin compare multi-track recording to a four-layer cake, as described in Chapter 8?

9. Why did the creators of the James Bond film, "Live and Let Die", want someone other than songwriter Paul McCartney to sing the title song?

10. What main advantage did George Martin gain from EMI, as a result of creating gold records with the Beatles?

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