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George Martin
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The "Yellow Submarine" story was written by Erich Segal, who later found fame with what novel-turned-film?
(a) "Love Story".
(b) "Jaws".
(c) "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
(d) "The Exorcist".

2. What does George Martin describe as one of his biggest hurts, during the Pepper era?
(a) He and his first wife divorced.
(b) Paul McCartney found someone else to score "She's Leaving Home", because of a minor scheduling conflict.
(c) He was not invited to be on the cover of the "Sergeant Pepper" album.
(d) John Lennon found someone else to score "Day in the Life", because of a minor scheduling conflict.

3. Which small American record label released "She Loves You" after Capitol Records refused?
(a) EMI Records.
(b) Swan Records.
(c) Decca Records.
(d) VJ Records.

4. During the Beatles' first trip to America, why did Alan Livingston attempt to keep George Martin away from press conferences and the limelight?
(a) Alan Livingston thought George Martin's accent was too thick.
(b) Alan Livingston wanted to woo the Beatles away from George Martin.
(c) Alan Livingston had turned the Beatles down three separate times.
(d) Alan Livingston had turned the Beatles down four separate times.

5. At EMI, what did engineer Charlie Anderson do when a photographer wanted to take pictures of a recording artist in the studio?
(a) Rearrange the microphones in impossible ways so no one could study his techniques.
(b) Deny their request.
(c) Remove all microphones from the room.
(d) Offer them standard publicity glossies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What, for George Martin, was the main advantage of recording on two tracks instead of one?

2. George Martin's new business, AIR, is an acronym for what?

3. For which movie did George Martin receive his first and only Academy Award nomination?

4. Who was the first artist recorded by George Martin at AIR's first studio?

5. In the recording industry, what does the acronym ADT stand for?

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