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George Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. George Martin states, throughout "All You Need Is Ears", that major change comes to the recording industry at what general interval of time?
(a) Every twenty years.
(b) Every ten years.
(c) Every twenty-five years.
(d) Every fifteen years.

2. In Chapter 12, George Martin reveals that he uses his collection of gold, silver, and platinum discs for what purpose?
(a) He donates them to music schools to inspire young people.
(b) They paper the walls of one room in his house.
(c) They adorn the side walls of his shelving units.
(d) He sells them in order to maintain and upgrade his studios.

3. George Martin wrote the musical score for which Michael Caine film, following the success of "Yellow Submarine"?
(a) "Pulp".
(b) "The Man Who Would Be King".
(c) "Gambit".
(d) "Alfie".

4. In Chapter 8, in George Martin's layer cake metaphor, what was the fourth layer in a four-track recording?
(a) The lead voice.
(b) Rhythm, such as drums and bass.
(c) Extra bits, called sweetening.
(d) Harmonies, such as piano or guitar.

5. What is George Martin's explanation for the song title, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"?
(a) The song was a tribute to John Lennon's mother, Lucy, who often wished for a diamond ring.
(b) John Lennon's son, Julian, had drawn a picture of his friend, Lucy, floating in a black sky full of stars.
(c) Lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, an illegal psychedelic drug.
(d) Lucy was a stewardess on a flight taken by John Lennon shortly before he wrote the lyrics.

6. Which group of painters is George Martin's favorite?
(a) The Realists.
(b) The Humanists.
(c) The Impressionists.
(d) The Expressionists.

7. For which movie did George Martin receive his first and only Academy Award nomination?
(a) "Goldfinger".
(b) "A Hard Day's Night".
(c) "Live and Let Die".
(d) "Help!"

8. Members of what group invented an instrument called a Gizmo?
(a) Winter Consort.
(b) The Ramones.
(c) America.
(d) Deep Purple.

9. After completion of AIR's first studio, what sort of studio did George Martin next want to create?
(a) A total environment studio.
(b) A traveling environment studio.
(c) A traveling immersion studio.
(d) A total immersion studio.

10. In the 1950s studios had A&R men, meaning what?
(a) Artists and Repertoire men.
(b) Acoustic and Reverberation men.
(c) Assimilation and Recruitment men.
(d) Audio and Recording men.

11. In the recording studio, what is the function of the compressor?
(a) Providing quiet heating and cooling to the studio.
(b) Protecting the hearing of musicians and engineers.
(c) Allowing the use of a smaller studio.
(d) Lowering the volume of the loudest sounds and enhancing the quietest sounds.

12. Which Beatles movie was produced with no assistance from George Martin?
(a) "Help!"
(b) "A Hard Day's Night".
(c) "Sergeant Pepper".
(d) "Abbey Road".

13. George Martin's inspiration for AIR's second studio was The Manor, owned by whom?
(a) Mike Oldfield.
(b) Phil Ramon.
(c) Rupert Neve.
(d) Richard Branson.

14. What does George Martin describe as a lifetime ambition in Chapter 12, unfulfilled when the book was written?
(a) Becoming a grandfather.
(b) Writing music for the ballet.
(c) Recording an album featuring himself as the vocalist.
(d) Becoming an Impressionist painter.

15. In Chapter 8, in George Martin's layer cake metaphor, what was the first layer in a four-track recording?
(a) The lead voice.
(b) Extra bits, called sweetening.
(c) Harmonies, such as piano or guitar.
(d) Rhythm, such as drums and bass.

Short Answer Questions

1. What record, produced by George Martin, was the first record taken to the moon?

2. As described early in Chapter 8, what was one of the main reasons George Martin enjoyed working with the Beatles?

3. What was the dream of George Martin's childhood, as revealed in Chapter 12?

4. At the British Embassy in 1964, what did one Beatle fan do to Ringo Starr?

5. George Martin's new business, AIR, is an acronym for what?

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