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George Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Regarding the family flat where George Martin lived as a boy, which of the following is true?
(a) The flat had no electricity and the only water supply was a sink on the landing.
(b) The flat had electricity but no running water.
(c) The flat had electricity but the only water supply was a sink on the landing.
(d) The flat had no electricity and no running water.

2. While George Martin's main instrument was the piano, what was his second instrument at music school?
(a) Guitar.
(b) Oboe.
(c) French horn.
(d) Flute.

3. How, according to George Martin in Chapter 7, was the collaboration of Lennon and McCartney different from Rodgers and Hart?
(a) Lennon and McCartney regularly fought while writing.
(b) Lennon wrote only lyrics and McCartney wrote only music.
(c) They wrote separately, then asked each other for advice when stuck.
(d) Lennon wrote only music and McCartney wrote only lyrics.

4. How much were the Beatles to receive per record in royalties, per their original contract with Parlophone?
(a) Two pennies.
(b) One-half pound.
(c) One penny.
(d) One pound.

5. In 1977, how did Paul McCartney compensate for sound differences when performing "Live and Let Die" in concert?
(a) He compensated for less orchestration by adding lasers and explosions.
(b) He compensated for less orchestration by adding more guitars and drums.
(c) He encouraged the audience to sing along.
(d) He lip-synched to a recording of the song.

6. As described in Chapter 4, what are bass traps?
(a) Chimney-like objects used to absorb bass frequencies.
(b) Devices for altering the frequency of bass guitars.
(c) Special strings for bass guitars, featuring extra vibration.
(d) None of the answers is correct.

7. George Martin guesses he was how old when his family got a piano?
(a) Three.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Nine.
(d) Six.

8. According to George Martin in Chapter 4, why is a human voice more interesting than a synthesizer?
(a) The human voice touches one's soul.
(b) The human voice is male or female.
(c) The human voice includes variations in pitch and tone.
(d) The human voice enunciates words better.

9. Unbeknownst to George Martin, the Beatles wanted to replace one of their musicians with what new man?
(a) John Lennon.
(b) Paul McCartney.
(c) Ringo Starr.
(d) Brian Epstein.

10. What was George Martin's day job at the BBC Music Library, after he finished music school?
(a) Recording young musicians.
(b) Sorting scores.
(c) Fundraising.
(d) Composition.

11. According to Chapter 2, what was George Martin's first real love in music?
(a) Debussy's "L'Après-midi d'une faune".
(b) Chopin's "Fantaisie in F minor".
(c) Chopin's "Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor".
(d) Debussy's "Deux Arabesques".

12. What is the length of the tubing in a French horn?
(a) Twenty-six feet.
(b) Ten feet.
(c) Twelve feet.
(d) Sixteen feet.

13. George Martin's fairy godfather helped him to gain admission to which school?
(a) BBC.
(b) Parlophone.
(c) Guildhall.
(d) Royal Symphonic.

14. Who was the sidekick of Jakka the space-boy, a comedic character recorded by George Martin?
(a) Jenna the space-girl.
(b) A three-legged cat.
(c) A five-legged dog.
(d) Jakka had no sidekick.

15. Early in Chapter 1, when the Beatles stood up George Martin, where did he find them?
(a) The Hotel Georges Deux.
(b) The Hotel Georges Cinq.
(c) The Hotel Jacques Cinq.
(d) The Hotel Jacques Trois.

Short Answer Questions

1. George Martin perceived which Beatle to be the leader of the group, early in their relationship, as described in Chapter 7?

2. How long after the wedding of George Martin and Sheena, did his mother pass away?

3. George Martin explains that, in 1954, what was true about singer/songwriters?

4. At the end of Chapter 1, who offered George Martin a job?

5. "Love Me Do" hit what number in the charts?

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