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George Martin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did George Martin believe would replace discs played by needles, at the time his book was written?
(a) Mp3 technology.
(b) Tapes scanned by laser beam.
(c) Discs scanned by x-ray.
(d) Discs scanned by laser beam.

2. What did George Martin predict would happen soon after publication of "All You Need Is Ears", regarding holography?
(a) Full-color transmission.
(b) Stereo transmission.
(c) Holographic music.
(d) Holographic discs.

3. Why did George Martin ultimately agree, in 1976, to score the "Sergeant Pepper" film featuring the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton?
(a) He desperately needed money.
(b) The Beatles asked him to do it.
(c) The Bee Gees asked him to do it.
(d) His wife reminded him that if someone else did the job, he wouldn't be there to defend the music's integrity.

4. What problem was discovered at AIR, while Laurence Olivier was recording "Julius Caesar"?
(a) Poor air circulation.
(b) Overly sensitive microphones.
(c) The walls weren't soundproof.
(d) A squeaky floorboard.

5. As described in Chapter 10, why did George Martin hesitate to honor John Lennon's request to fuse two versions of "Strawberry Fields"?
(a) Fusing the two versions would make the song too long.
(b) They were in different keys and different tempos.
(c) They exemplified two different musical styles.
(d) The equipment at Abbey Road made such a task nearly impossible.

Short Answer Questions

1. What album does George Martin cite, in Chapter 12, as the classic example of what a talented amateur can achieve with multi-track recording?

2. While orchestrating the film, "The Family Way", what compromise did George Martin reach with John Boulting?

3. The song, "Pepperland Laid Waste", appears on which Beatles album?"

4. What was the cause of death of George Martin's mother?

5. What was the scandal at EMI, involving sopranos Kirsten Flagstad and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf?

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